NieR:Automata Breaks into Famitsu’s Top 20!


Guess what? This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine gives us NieR and Drakengard fans something extra to be ecstatic about during the lull after E3…

has risen to…
16th Place!!


Just last week it was in 24th place… and now it has risen 8 places!! Awesome!! It has currently beaten other titles such has Ys VIII, Nioh, Toukiden 2, as well as the new title in the ICO / Shadow of the Colossus series, The Last Guardian! Holy hell, guys!!

Contrats to all of the NieR:Automata team! I certainly look forward to the day when we see it reach…


And Yoko Taro was being his usual humble self regarding my excitement:

It’s rocketing up the list! —Rekka Alexiel
There’s no way it’ll go up any higher…… —Yoko Taro