An Omitted Story From E3

During a little bit of a lull in new information regarding after the events at E3 and the subsequent magazine articles regarding it, we’re left with just whatever crumbs the development team can feed us through social media. Of course, I am a little getting to this anyway… 😛

Here is just one interesting moment from Yoko Taro’s Twitter on June 22:

Q: What do you usually do to come up with a story?
A: I drink. It’s easier to think when I’m a little tipsy.

Q: What about ideas for the world view?
A: Money. From the budget, we decide how many stages we can make, then we decide the content of the game. Whatever time is left over after that, we’ll think about the story and world view.

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    it is kind of strange how far on the left field the story is during his games’ development according to this, considering how convoluted they are in the end