NieR:Automata Breaks Into Famitsu’s Top 30!

Today’s new issue of Famitsu magazine shows that has shot up in the top 30/40 most anticipated games list!

Typically, they only list the top 30 titles, but they also include an additional 10 more just for fun. has continually shown up there, alternating between 35-39th place.

But today, probably thanks to the recent 12-page, in-depth look at the game two weeks ago, the game has shot up to 24th place!! Congrats!! I hope the game continues this awesome trend!


And on a completely separate topic, I just realized something potentially important regarding the old cast list that’s still displayed on the official YoRHa website. I translated this back in 2014, but it lists the three vocalists who performed together at the first run of the YoRHa stage play along with three other YoRHa androids:

YoRHa No2: Healer (Re-Assessing)
YoRHa No4: Executer (Seriously Injured)
YoRHa No9: Scanner (Deported)

At the time, I thought that these were the androids involved in the Pearl Harbor mission that’s depicted in the play, but now I’m not so sure, especially since No9 is listed here as a Scanner. Could this be in reference to the squadron?

If so, then why would No2 be listed as a HEALER rather than a BATTLER type? Could this be the reason why her status is “Re-assessing”?

I always thought that No4 from the play didn’t die because it listed her as being “Seriously injured” here…but… now… 🙁 Oh!! Poor No4!!

And… No9 *is* listed as a Scanner type. Could this be the same character that we’ve been introduced to thus far for? If so, why has he been “deported”? lol Maybe he breaks some YoRHa code and 2B has no other choice but to follow suit?

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    #1 it is 😀