Famitsu – Issue No.1437 – NieR:Automata

Here’s the 12 page (and cover) issue detailing all sorts of stuff about . I have yet to read it, but I do plan on translating the majority that’s printed here. Please hang in there until I can get that done. <3

You can view all of these images in my Image Gallery, too.

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The majority of the contents in this article deal with the thoughts and comments of various members from Platinum Games, even Kamiya Hideki, who seemed to know very little of or Yoko Taro. ^^; Therefore, I don’t think I’ll translate this word for word. We’ll see if I have time to do it later on.

In the meantime, here are some of the main bits of information that we learn about the game in this article:

  • Able to choose difficulty level. The game is designed so that even the standard difficulty is not too terribly difficult.
  • We will be able to explore a desert location similar to the area outside of the Barren Temple (lit. Sanctuary of Sand) and Façade (lit. City of Masks).
  • The controller interface is highly responsive. Attacks are spread out between the SQUARE and TRIANGLE buttons, each one representing one of the two equipped weapons.
  • You can equip two sets of two weapons and can rapidly switch between the two sets. Weapons include a short sword, great sword, and glove bracers.
  • There is a sword with ridges in it that make it resemble a type of saw.
  • Attacks can be performed even during jumping, evading, and dashing. These movement can be cancelled out at any moment.
Charge attacks are back. There will be various charged attacks such as many spears springing from the ground to attack the surrounding area.

Charge attacks are back. There will be various charged attacks such as many spears springing from the ground to attack the surrounding area.

  • Incoming bullet attacks can be destroyed with Pod.
  • 2B is a pretty quiet character, but she will occasionally speak during attacks.

The “singing boss” that was revealed in the new E3 trailer attacks by singing. Its eyes close as it raises its head to reveal a large speaker in its mouth that it uses to sing/attack. It can also shoot out magic bullets that you must dodge or cancel out with the use of Pod. Also, it is adorned with many, many dead androids…all of which appear to be female models. (Image translation by Fire Sanctuary)

  • The design of the bullets have been upgraded. Light effects from them can also be seen on the surface of the ground.
  • The sound that objects make will be determined by the size of the room you’re in. For example, the reverb will be greater when you strike metal while in a small, enclosed room compared to in a wide open field.
During a dash, if you run into a bush or other larger obstacles, it will cancel out the dash and your character will seem to stumble.

During a dash, if you run into a bush or other larger obstacles, it will cancel out the dash and your character will seem to stumble.

  • There will be many nature sound effects as well, including the sound or a river and birds chirping. Sound designer Shindou Masato states that there are at least 100 different variations of bird calls.
  • The material of 2B and 9S’s costumes are made out of velvet. This was especially difficult to achieve in the 3D models.
  • The towns and camps in the game are actually outposts made by the Resistance. These are the remnants of the 8th Machine War in 11732. They were also seen in the YoRHa Stage Play.
    • It was previously thought that the Resistance was wiped out by the end of the play, but now it is clear that those particular members were not the only survivors.
Illustration by PG game designer Yusuke Hashimoto. (Beyonetta 2, Starfox Zero)

“I’m looking forward to the game’s completion!!” Illustration by PG game designer Yusuke Hashimoto. (Beyonetta 2, Starfox Zero)


Translation by Fire Sanctuary

Lastly, unrelated to the article but related to the presentation at E3, Yoko Taro stated that the B in 2B’s name stands for “Battler”. I don’t think I ever wrote about this in my previous speculations, but this was one of the possibilities I thought of… just because of my love of B’t X… ^^;

Yosuke Saito stated in the E3 presentation that the game will be released simultaneously worldwide:

“We’re currently developing towards a global, simultaneous release in early 2017.”


Source: Famitsu | Fire Sanctuary

  • Joseph Bramlett

    Doing great work as always! Thanks for doing all this Nier stuff!

  • thanks!

    i know just a little japanese but i thought i heard about the world-wide simultaneous release too, thanks for confirming that!

  • Jerry Hu

    Really appreciate your work!

  • name

    the boss fight they showed was simply breath taking, how with the music we slowly faded into a top down shooter mode, then back again with the music shifting tone again and the attack ending, so creative

    • I believe they said that the battle was choreographed along with the music, so it’s probably not a “true” boss battle (in which you can’t lose)…and that an important story event occurs at a certain point in the fight. I’d like to think that A2 makes her first appearance here (the backgrounds don’t seem to match, so this may be incorrect). Her quote from the Character Introductions video makes a lot of sense in this context since the boss is adorned with multiple android corpses:

      “Just how many of us androids do you think you’ve killed? And still you plead for your life!?”

      • name

        these robots don’t look the “pleading type” to me XD also there were two instances where the player took damage from the orbs, I think that implies that you can lose somehow
        nice theory otherwise

        • I was thinking they would certainly plead for their lives once they were defeated in battle. It would have to be a machine more sophisticated than the common dummy enemies, so it would fit nicely with a boss. Even if it’s a scripted battle, you can still take damage. Simply, whatever event would have to be triggered early to prevent the character from dying.

          • name

            fair enough, although platinum games that I’ve played before were not scripted, if we mean the same thing by that
            they definitely had phases if you mean that by it, they cut the thing off once “she” started to float away probably back to the stage for some long range action or something
            and “pleading kind” as in giving up, we shall see, we shall see, so looking forward to it

          • Oh, what I mean about a “scripted” battle is something similar to the end boss in DOD3, where the music pretty much dictated the entire battle including camera angles and such. I could be over interpreting this statement in Japanese; but that was just my understanding. ^^

          • name

            oh, I would more than just expect her to do that shift to me at that part of the song XD I hope that she is free to dish out different attacks prior to that tho

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    That Internal Structure image… Only a easter egg? Or will Emil have relevance on the story?
    Loving robots with Facade people’s mask

    • Given the fact that Emil is the only returning character, I would have to assume that he plays a vital role in the story. I think I have some more speculation on that as well, but I’m not sure where it is. I’ll have to find it. In the meantime, try to read up on the Space War track from the Drama CD. http://nier2.com/blog/2015/12/13/nier-drama-cd-the-space-war/

      • Alan Noacep Togente

        Yep, I read it when you posted it! 🙂
        If Emil has an important role in NieR Automata, then I prefer an Emil’s sculpture than a 2B’s sculpture for a collector’s edition ^^u

        • Well, I mean, I always speculated that he had something to do with the origins of the Bio-machines/Living Machines, but I wasn’t sure how. I just knew it had to do something with all his millions of copies he made of himself. Now that we have proof that the inside of the Bio-machines’ heads resembles Emil almost perfectly… I am pretty confident that this might have been the case. Perhaps the outer casing itself is enough to sever Emil’s control on his copies?

          • Alan Noacep Togente

            That’s an interesting theory. In fact, maybe the robots uses the unlimited energy from Emil’s copies to work, as a energy source.
            And maybe the game has a limited number of that enemies, including the respawn, and when it reach 430, there is no more enemies hahaha. Sounds weird enough for Yoko.
            Or maybe Emil is slaved by the aliens, forcing him to create more copies.

          • During the time of the Drama CD, Emil had only made 430 copies, but within the course of 100 years after this, he’s already made nearly 86 million copies. This info is depicted on the back of his character card from Lord of Vermilion. http://bit.ly/1SZwDI5

          • Alan Noacep Togente

            Well, that makes your theory to be very probably.
            Poor mecha-Emil, must be very lonely. I wish the game finishes with his death, that would be a happy ending for him.

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