Famitsu Issue No.1436 Top 40 and More!

remains at #35 in Famitsu’s Top 40 Most Anticipated Games a second week in a row! Conrats!


This issue of Famitsu was another in its series of celebrations for their 30th Anniversary! One of the main sections of the magazine this week featured a Top 10 Most Memorable Games by producers, directors, voice actors, and more.

Below is an image that I completely reconstructed from scratch [for the fun of it] and translated into English. I’m pretty sure *ALL* of theĀ games Yoko Taro chose are shooters. xD

Lastly, please expect a 12-page spread of goodness next week in tandem with E3! I can only imagine what awesomeness we’ll learn this time!! <3

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    hah, it finally left behind that letter visual novel thingy, great