NieR, Drakengard, and Automata appear in Famitsu’s 30th Anniversary Issue

Today’s issue of Famitsu magazine is a really awesome one in celebration of it’s 30th Anniversary! Wow! Congrats! They have many pages detailing the history of modern video games, including a timeline chart that shows when each system was released and various rankings chosen by readers. Below are just a few clips of where Yoko Taro’s works were listed.


PlayStation 2: Most Memorable Ranking:

And Automata has gone up several ranks in the Top 40 Most Anticipated ranking!


I was reading the special 30th Anniversary Issue of Famitsu and saw that somehow NieR Replicant appears to be really popular (it made it to the top of the Most Memorable ranking for PS3). I was so shocked that I wrote to Yoko-san on Line… When did this happen…? Am I in another world or something…? ーYosuke Saito

I thought perhaps “somebody talked about it online and got more people to vote for it,” but when I tried to search for something like this, I couldn’t find anything…… Thanks to everyone who voted…… ーYoko Taro

And they secretly printed my comment along the side of the page in the 30th Anniversary issue. I strongly suggested that we switch over to the Gavas* standard as a political statement…… ーYoko Taro


* The Gavas was a sort of point monetary system back when the magazine was known as “Famicom Tsushin”. You could collect these points and use them to redeem items like a new Nintendo Gamecube or PS3.


famitsu-gavas01   famitsu-gavas03

I didn’t know he made a comment somewhere in the magazine (I quickly flipped through it because I was at work), so I had to take another closer look to find his comment… and here it was, on p.231!

I’ve edited the picture on the left to easily display his comment here. Please check the translation below!

Happy 30th anniversary! Incidentally, I’ll pay all the editors’ salary in Gavas, so let’s switch over to the “Gavas standard”.
ーYoko Taro

Source: Famitsu Magazine, Issue No.1435 (June 2, 2016)
Translated and Edited by: Fire Sanctuary