Pages in Dengeki Playstation, Vol. 613

NieR:Automata was featured in this week’s issue of Dengeki Playstation, giving it 4 pages of info on the new characters and a recap of the music concert and talk live.


Page 1

The black blade rips asunder, madness or despair?

A mysterious race of aliens with their Living Machines* suddenly come flying from somewhere in space.

* According to the official Platinum Games site, they’ve decided on calling the “kikai seimeitai” or what I’ve been calling “Living Machines” as Bio-machines. They are called this because of their ability to multiply and evolve.

In place of the humans who retreated to the surface of the moon, the androids in the special battalion “YoRHa” are tasked with the mission to recapture the planet as they land in a world of despair……

9S: Soul of fleeting kindness
Designation: YoRHa No9 Type S
Voice Actor: Hanae Natsuki

Just like 2B, 9S also belongs to the same “YoRHa squadron” that is tasked with recapturing the planet. Although he is fully capable of engaging in combat, he is best equipped for hacking for use in reconnoissance purposes. He has a very gentle and kind personality.

CHECK: Will the three YoRHa androids fight together?
—In the gameplay demo, we can confirm that 2B and 9S will be playable characters acting in tandem with each other. At the moment though, much regarding A2 is unknown, so it’s difficult to know whether she is a friend or foe. To overpower such a tremendous force, wouldn’t it be better for these three to work together……

—Will the three fight together?
We’ve seen images that appear like A2 stands in the way of 2B and 9S. Perhaps it’s just my imagination that a tense situation seems to be lingering in the air……


Page 2

Image Caption from Page 1:
The main character, android 2B, as she gracefully flying through the air.

Image Caption:
2B and the new character A2 staring at each other. They both share the same designation “YoRHa No2”. How could they be related…… (Speculation)

Image Caption:
A2, cutting down scores of Living Machines on her own. Is her fighting strength to help humanity, or……?

Follow-up report on the much-awaited new “NieR” and concert report!

It’s been 6 years since the original release of “NieR”. Here we bring you information on the new “YoRHa” androids and their voice cast, illustrations, screenshots, and concept art that was revealed at the recent NieR concert and talk event.

Image Caption:
The newly revealed character, 9S. He appears like a young boy at first glance, but he is also an android.

Image Caption:
Many Living Machines chasing after 9S. How are you to fight so many enemies?

2B: Blade of quiet determination
Designation: YoRHa No2 Type B
Voice Actor: Ishikawa Yui

Dispatched as a member of the automated fighting androids “YoRHa”, she is an all-purpose model android. She uses her swords for close-range attacks and can also use long-range attacks through the support system “Pod”.

A2: Vortex of the past and hatred
Designation: YoRHa Type A No2
Voice Actor: Suwa Ayaka

She is a prototype YoRHa android. The close-range A type models are no longer in use, and she was used to produce more advanced androids like 2B and 9S. She is extremely strong, doesn’t like to talk much, and often prefers to act alone.


Page 3

Let’s take a look at the screenshots and concept art that reveals the world of the new “NieR”

On the previous pages, we’ve seen the illustrations of character designer Yoshida Akihiko, but here we have some concept art and in-game screenshots! The world of the new game is full of mystery; let’s take a closer look…

Dust, steel beams, and smoke…
A city submerged in water…
Heritage of culture…

1: A2 with a large sword on her back. Could the A in her name mean “ASSAULT”? It will be interesting to see whether she or 2B will be stronger in battle. (Speculation)
2: A2 fighting a couple Living Machines in a sort of factory area. It seems as though the Living Machines are quite light-weight to be able to move in such a way as we see here.
3: Concept art of a city submerged in water. With the tall buildings in the background, this is all that is left of the culture of humanity. Now, everything is overrun with trees and other plant life.
4: Could this be a factory core reactor? Did humans make it or is it a product of the aliens and Living Machines? It appears to be currently in operation, but what is its purpose?
5: 9S walks through ruins of human civilization. Could this be part of the same location as the factory image above, or is it a separate area? Can’t wait to find out more!


Page 4: I will be translating this later. Stay tuned.


Source:  Fire Sanctuary