NieR Merchandise Now Available Through the SQEX e-STORE



Items are now available for purchase on the SQEX e-STORE here. Everything seems to still be in stock, but the scripts appear to be on back order.*

*All items besides the Emil pin and sticker set are currently on back order.

Also, please note that these items are only sold within Japan. SQEX is not accepting any international orders at this time.

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  • James Pope II

    Well crap o3o I just sent in a proxy order to try to get some of these. @_@;;

  • name

    I was about to request a pic of your cat after the “gonna get messy with cat hair” part, but he/she saved me the trouble XD casually strolled in to get in on the action XD

    great video, nice nails, thanks 🙂

  • MrAptronym

    I am jealous, especially of that first (Emil) shirt! A large is a tiny bit big for me, but I love that design! I’d want a script too… but my inability to read any Japanese would kind of dampen the usefulness.

    I am not normally big on unboxings, but I was really excited to see all the concert swag. Thanks for putting this up and going above and beyond the call as usual 😀 (PS: Your cat is adorable, great cameo!)