Updates from the Concert

Yesterday was the fantastic Music Concert & Talk Live event in Roppongi. It was a perfect mix of music, interesting stories, and many new revelations about .

My thoughts are rather scattered at the moment, but here’s a quick look at the show! I’ve just added a ton of the photos that I took, too! 😀

– The Characters

2B-have-we-made-the-wrong-choicechara-quotes-2B-9S 2B: Is this a curse… or perhaps our punishment?


The above photo is the first glimpse we’ve seen of the type of aerial equipment that the YoRHa androids use to descend to the surface of the planet from the base station in orbit. It was first depicted in the YoRHa stage play, however, it was very difficult to imagine what it actually looked like (nothing was shown on stage).

Here’s the definition as was stated in the the YoRHa Ver.1.1 pamphlet:

F15 Equipment
An aerial flight unit used by the YoRHa squadron. It is capable of multiple transformations that include an atmosphere reentry mode, a high speed mode, and close-range battle mode. Its name was taken from an old weapon (probably a reference to the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle—This is also the type of aircraft that originally shot down the “dragon” in 2003).


News and Updates!!!

  • Will Emi Evans return to sing for?
    Composer Okabe Keiichi stated that Emi will be back:

“Of course, Emi will be back to sing for, but since the game will have a new feel to it, we wanted the music to portray this sense as well.”

  • 9S is a support AI character like Kaine and Emil were, except for the fact that you can actually play as him.
  • They are hoping to have another concert/event at the end of the year. Hopefully, this time they will either hold it at a larger hall or perform multiple days.
  • More to come…

Dreams of Rebooting
A short prose story on the last page of the Music Concert & Talk Live Pamphlet.
Translated by: Fire Sanctuary

The fact that androids do not dream……
couldn’t be further from the truth.
During a process that restructures our memory while the body unit “sleeps,”
we can see flashes of fragmented images,
like a noise that lingers just below our perception.
That’s what we call “dreams”.

I wish I never had to wake from my dreams.
I wish the morning didn’t have to come.
Because the moment that I rise,
I don’t understand with what expression to face anyone.

Emotion is forbidden.

That’s why I can never let it show.
Like a precious treasure,
I lock my painful memories deep inside
so no one can see them.

When I’m forced to reboot,
a hatred awakens inside of me in order to fight.
And that’s…fine.

Because I’m just a weapon, created to kill.


Photos and Such…

At the end of the concert, a commemorative photo was taken. It's unfortunate that they didn't try to get the top balcony into the shot.

At the end of the concert, a commemorative photo was taken. First row (left to right): Goto Takanori, Okabe Keiichi, Taura Takahisa, Yoko Taro, Saito Yosuke, Hoashi Keigo; Back row (left to right): Onuma Miyuki, Ishida Hiroko, Himata Ayako, Tsuchiya Reiko, J’Nique Nicole (Nikki), Emi Evans, Nakagawa Nami, Ishikawa Yui, Kadowaki Mai; Photo by: Game Watch

And here are some photos that I took at the concert. You can find more in the image gallery here.

nier-concert01 nier-concert09 nier-concert20 nier-concert48 nier-concert50 nier-concert59 nier-concert68 nier-concert71 nier-concert93

  • name

    it seems they needed tougher androids looking at A2’s body it looks like her body is covered by plates instead of a homogeneous skin

    I sure hope that by the end of the year the game is out XD

    thanks for the infos and looking forward to your upcoming news/impressions XD

    • Actually, I’m trying to remember the details about their skin from the YoRHa play, but even the human-looking YoRHa androids have protective systems in their skin already. I want to say that the segments or plates on A2 might be the next gen skin system…even though they look a little less human that way.

      • Found it:

        Antimagnetic Skin
        This was the protective material developed to help shield the androids from the Living Machine’s EMP bomb attacks that caused many units to go insane. It was implemented on all of the YoRHa units in the 126th Descent Mission for the first time. There is no difference in appearance of the artificial skin, but it is able to withstand an electromagnetic attack.

        But, the stage play takes place in December 11941… and it sounds like Automata will be several years later in 11945. There *definitely* could have been further upgrades.

        • name

          thanks for digging that up 🙂

      • name

        didn’t mean to imply that they had nothing ><

  • name

    I’m so sad tho that d3 couldn’t be as pretty and mostly as smooth as this game :/ oh well, maybe next time

  • Jaron Ayres

    I’m so jealous you got to see the show live. I did livestream it via niconico which was great. The music arrangements were new, and I really enjoyed the string quartet style strings section. I had hoped for a couple new songs, but hearing two versions of the two we’ve heard was just wonderful. It’s nice to see a video of the theater marquis, and I look forward to more photos of the concert. I saved the audio from the concert, chopped it up into a live music album, and have been listening to it a lot over the last couple days.

  • I can’t thank you enough for sharing this information. The concert/live talk were amazing and had me pumped. My anticipation for this game is unreal.

  • MrAptronym

    Thanks for the info! Its exciting to finally get some concrete stuff in. The short story is fun bit to ruminate on and I am excited to have Emi Evans back.

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Another event at the end of the year? That’s confirm Nier 2017 release? 🙁

    • Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it sounds like they’re planning on another event at the end of the year (fall or winter). It may either allude to a late 2016 or early 2017 release, but nothing is for sure yet.

      • Alan Noacep Togente

        That’s so so far…. Isn’t seem it?
        On the other hand, that would fantastic if Square makes a video with the gameplays showed and with english subtitles. It seems that the audience is laughing a lot with Yoko’s words.
        I’m very jealous of you, Rekka. I’m not sure if is a good jealousy or a bad jealousy, but I’m jealous definitely!! Hahaha

  • Foggle

    Thanks so much for translating this stuff! I paid to stream the concert even though I couldn’t understand any of the discussion, haha.

    2B’s dialogue is interesting. I remember reading that she was supposed to be a “cold and calculating” character, but this makes it seem like she’s actually friendly and compassionate. I kind of prefer that to be honest, but it’s not what I expected!