NieR Merchandise on the e-STORE not available internationally

I sent an inquiry a couple days ago to the SQEX e-STORE regarding international sales of merchandise when it becomes available online, and I just heard back from them. This was their reply:


Essentially, whatever items that become available in the e-STORE (from noon on April 22) are only valid to those within Japan. SQEX will *not* be conducting any international sales nor shipping internationally. T_T

I’m going to continue to cross my fingers for all the international fans that should these initial goods sell extremely well, SQEX will see how many people love this series that eventually anyone outside of Japan will get the chance to own some of these items!!

  • MrAptronym

    Aww, I’d really love to get my hands on some Nier merch. I am really hoping for a fancy collectors edition of Nier Automata at this point as my only hope to get some.

  • name

    in playasia we trust

    other than that thanks for the info ><