NieR Music Concert and Talk Live NicoNico Tutorial

How to view the concert online…

At first I wasn’t sure if those outside of Japan would be able to purchase Net Tickets to watch the Music Concert and Talk Live event online due to the specific payment methods, but after a closer look and a semi-confirmation from Producer Yosuke Saito, I have changed my opinion.

Therefore, I’ve made these following images to help guide you through how to prep for the event! Please feel free to post your questions or comments here if there’s anything unclear with these images! <3

First of all, head over to the top NicoNico website here:

nico-01 nico-02 nico-03 nico-04 nico-05 nico-06 nico-07 nico-09

Click this image to be redirected to the concert page.

Click this image to be redirected to the concert page.



2000 NicoNico points is the equivalent of 2,000 yen.


You may also be able to pay online from the WebMoney option at the top. I’m not sure what options are available, but I would assume Paypal would be one of them.


Unfortunately, this is as far as my image tutorial goes, since I didn’t take these when I purchased my ticket… and I didn’t want to purchase another one just to complete this (I’ve spent far too much money on this event already…), but I don’t believe there is much more after Step 14. Please let me know if you get stuck with anything after this point and I’ll try to help you out.

Good luck!!


EDIT: 2016.04.11

Here’s a little extra info regarding TIME SHIFT.

Net Tickets – Time Shift
You can reserve a Time Shift ticket by clicking on the Time Shift button on the NicoNico concert page. It looks like this:


You need to be logged in before you register for the Time Shift. Once you have purchased a Net Ticket and made a reservation for the Time Shift, it will be added to your Live Broadcast Reservation List, which can be found here:

I had a little trouble finding the Time Shift reservation through my own account (it’s easier to find it through the actual concert page on NicoNico), but after you click the URL above, it can be done by clicking on this link on the right:


You are able to watch the concert any time within 30 minutes after the initial airing through Tuesday, April 26 at 11:59pm.

**Please be aware that your Net Ticket is only good for ONE viewing only and will expire within 24 hours after you begin watching.**

  • Jerry Hu

    I used Webmoney instead of credit card. NicoNico said “my credit card is not verified”.

    • Hmm, interesting. Maybe they want a Japanese credit card with that option then…? I’ll update this later, maybe the Webmoney route is better.

      • Jerry Hu

        This is a common problem for foreigner.

        • Yeah, I’m so sorry; I’m not very knowledgable about these things since I’ve been in Japan for so long. I have to do research and hear feedback from you guys to really know anything, so your input is really crutial. 😛

  • Alex Kraus

    So this costs 2000 yen to view live?

  • name

    I won’t use this guide, since I’m not tremendously interested in the concert, but I gotta say it was extremely kind of you to put it together for us ><

    • Thanks. <3 There are some other options besides the credit card route (like WebMoney) that should work, too, so I'll try to update this later.

  • Emily Fitch

    Does purchasing this only allow you view it live or will there be some way to watch the recording after it’s aired? I’m interested in buying tickets but it would be live at about 3am my time.

    • You can watch it later through the Time Shift option. I’ve just added a little extra info about this in the original post. I hope it helps. <3

  • Van

    I’m from Mexico, and can’t seem to buy the points with a Credit Card. How does WebMoney work? Can I pay through Paypal in there?

    • I don’t think they use Paypal. I believe you can still use credit card payments through WebMoney, though.

      • Vandroiy

        Awesome, I’ll try it out because I definitely can’t miss this! Thank you so much for all you do for the fans!

  • LSKuro

    AHHHHH!!! Thank you so much Rekka! >u< I got my e-ticket thanks to the guide! *v*!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU I can't wait!