NieR Event Sells Out in Seconds

Individual sales for tickets for the Music Concert and Talk Live went on sale today at noon but were nearly instantly sold out. Personally, I was able to access the site through Ticket Pia and able to get as far as to select two tickets, but apparently by the time I could click “Confirm” they were then unavailable.

So many times this has happened to me, and I’m sure, many others have experienced the same thing. I’m only waiting for tickets to start popping up on trading and auction sites for insane prices. I’ve already see single tickets that were originally sold for 6,000 yen going for 30,000yen… so this is usually why I hate how tickets are sold. There must be some trick that people do to get first dibs at tickets, but many sites will allow a single person to purchase up to 4 tickets. To me, that’s pretty huge. For such rare events, I don’t think someone should be able to purchase more than 2 tickets at a time. That would allow more people–hopefully, non-scalpers–to purchase tickets normally.

But, whatever. I’ll keep my eyes pealed for available tickets.

In the meantime, Producer Yosuke Saito has made two interesting posts on Twitter:

Point #1: Paid NicoNico Live content has been confirmed. There will be a rail camera, so the footage will be more on the professional end. The official page on NicoNico will be updated soon, so please look forward to that announcement!

Point #2: Official merchandise will first be available at the event, but we plan to also make this available in the e-STORE. Simply, the first batch of goods will be limited until more are made for the store. It is still possible for items to sell out, so we appreciate your understanding.

So, there is still some very small chance than those who *really* want to go…can, and for those few who put in the extra effort, I hope for the best for you!! I’m OUT OF THE COUNTRY for over a week from next Monday, so that gives me even less chance to not only find a new job but also attempt to find, order/purchase, and pay for whatever tickets I may find… orz Please, please…wish me luck!! <3

  • Jerry Hu

    I wish you can buy the ticket

  • Deneteus

    That sounds like ticket hell.