NieR Concert & Talk Live – First Wave of Tickets


Pre-orders for the upcoming Concert & Talk Live event closed last Wednesday and the results were released this past Friday at noon.

Unfortunately, it seems as though many more people tried to get tickets than were available, so I’ve heard many people lament about not being chosen. I was among these people. Oh, no!!

Regular ticket sales will open on March 7 from noon, so good luck to everyone for your second chance!!

Taking this into consideration, Producer Saito Yosuke has been talking about possibly making this a pay-to-view event on Nico Live, as well. Here are a couple posts by Saito and Yoko Taro’s responses on Twitter:

Thank you for so many pre-order reservations for the Concert & Talk Live event. I’m so overwhelmed by the massive turnout… As such, perhaps this event should also be a pay-to-view broadcast on NicoNico; therefore, I’ve started discussions with all those involved regarding an adjustment. I really appreciate your support to make this a reality!

Nico Live paid content…… I can’t show my face……

But, well…… If there are people who want to watch it then…… maybe it’s okay…… but that mask…… it’s really hard to breathe with that thing……

I then suggested that he bring back the “Black Mannequin” that he used for the first concert.



What if you bring back your Black Mannequin-chan…?

— That is a possibility.

So, at the very least, whether we’re able to attend the concert/event in person or not, it seems as though we may be able to watch the production live for a small fee. This is very good news for all fans of the series, not only those of use who are in Japan and weren’t able to get tickets, but also for all the remaining international fans as well!! YAY!!