NieR Producer is Putting Out Feelers for a NieR Concert and Talk Event

The producer of the original and the up-coming: Automata has mentioned putting on another music/talk-show event before, but he recently started a poll to ask whether people would be willing to go even if it’s a paid event.

I would suggest, however, that fans cast your votes only if you are physically able to attend a future event in Japan so it doesn’t skew the results he’s looking to obtain. For those who would *love* to attend but, alas, due to geography cannot feasibly make it to Japan, please make comment to the post instead.

The last related concert and talk-show took place on March 20, 2012 when 200 lucky people won the chance to attend the concert in person; however, it was broadcast on Ustream for anyone to see. Here are a few photos that I took while watching the show then:


I was pretty new to the funny quirks of Yoko Taro at the time, so seeing this and hearing the excuse of why he wasn’t able to attend in person was pretty amusing. (I totally don’t remember the story they told; he was probably just off stage!)


From Right to Left: Tanioka Kumi, Hoashi Keigo, Okabe Keiichi, Host (???)


I watched the concert with my ancient MacBook computer. The poor thing was on its last leg and just about everything was external: keyboard, hard drive, CD-R Drive, etc. I took this photo toward the beginning of the live stream… and I was quite upset that there were so many empty seats so near the starting time. In retrospect, I don’t believe many seats–if any–were actually empty by the time the show started.

I’m planning on going home for a short break in March (first time in 4 years), so I really hope they don’t schedule anything around the same time as the last piano concert. Golden Week would be much better, guys. Thanks. xD

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    i hope you’ll make it this time 🙂
    also safe travels for you ^^