NieR Drama CD: The Space War


Disc 2, Track 3

280 years have passed since the deaths of Nier and Kaine. Emil is calmly humming to himself as he walks about the area once known as the Northern Plains before it lapsed into ruin due to severe climate change. Without anyone overseeing them, Replicants have all since died out, and not a single human remained in this area.

Over a long period of time, Emil had customized his body with some mechanical parts here and there that his entire form began to take on an unusual shape. Each step he makes sounds no different than any other robot.

Emil: I haven’t seen any humans around these days, huh? I wonder where they all went.

A boar squeals.

Emil: Whoa! There’s our natural enemy, Boar-san! He always tries to attack even though I haven’t done anything to him… I’ll just try to slip past…

There’s a loud explosion.

Emil: Huh?

The boar roars.

Emil: Waaaaaaaaaa!! Please stop!! I didn’t do anything to you! And… I’m not even delicious!!

The boar roars again.

Emil: Whoaaaaa!! He’s coming at me!

The boar attacks.

Emil: Whoaaaaaaaaa!!! If you attack me like that, I… I’ll die, you know!!

The boar attacks again.

Emil: Aw, man… My head’s gonna fall off!! If that’s the way you’re gonna be, then… Emil Dash!!

Emil runs away.

Emil: Eh heh heh! My Emil Dash is the fastest retreat in all of history! Not even Boar-san can get me in this mode…

The sound of the boar approaching grows louder.

Emil: Whooooooaa! How come Boar-san can run this fast!? Even Sheep-san and the other animals are joining in!! It’s like all of the animals in the plains are after me!!

The sheep bleat and the boar roars.

Emil: Whoa, whoaaa!! Whoaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Emil pants and groans.

Emil: What have I gotten myself into? So, this is the real terror of wild animals…

A weird sound comes from the sky.

Emil: What could that be? Huh? Something’s flying in the sky.

The sound begins to change. An Adamski style UFO appears in the sky.

Emil: What? The light in the sky is heading toward the surface of the ground. Something’s landing. Wh-wha—What is that!? An octopus-looking person!? An octopus, er, something…, er, other… It looks like such a strong figure… I wonder what sort of being it is.

There’s a loud sloshing, stepping sound as the alien approaches.

Emil: Whooaooa! It’s coming this way!

The sound stops.

Emil: Um, uhh… He-hello!

There’s a loud screech and then explosion.

Emil: Huh? What are you doing!?

More explosions and then a large fire crackles loudly.

Emil: How could you! The plains are on fire!

The animals begin to cry and yelp.

Emil: You’ll even attack the animals!?

Something roars loudly.

Emil: Not a single one of you may move from there! I will never let anyone through who tries to hurt others!!

There’s a loud roar and battle music begins. The aliens proceed to attack but Emil manages to deflect it.

Emil: Heh! Your attacks are nothing before my magical power! Allow me to use my abilities that I once used in battle together with Weiss-san, Kaine-san, and Nier-san, so long ago!!

The sound of magic beams and bolts fly through the air.

Emil: Get out of here, all of you!!

There’s a loud explosion.

Emil: Did I do it?

Suddenly, something roars loudly.

Emil: It can’t be! How could anything survive that!?

There are more sounds of shots being fired, and Emil gets hit. One of his arms falls completely off.

Emil: Ahhhhh!! My arm! Even if I lose an arm, it hardly makes a difference!!

Emil continues to fight back. The sound of more roaring fills the air.

Emil: The animals… Run away!!

Emil gets hit again.

Emil: This… This pain!

Many more shots are fired, and Emil gets hit once more.

Emil: Waahhhhhh!!  This pain… It’s nothing compared to the pain I’ve already endured up until now!!

Emil: Nothing could possibly withstand this amount of energy!!!

An explosion of massive proportions sounds.

Emil: Yes!!

The sound of another alien craft approaches.

Emil: No way! Another one is coming?!

The aliens roar out loudly.

Emil: One, two… I can’t count this many!! In that case… In that case… Emil Beam!!!

The aliens roar loudly again.

Emil: So, you think you can win by numbers alone? Even I have a plan for that! Emil Copy!!!

One by one, copies of Emil begin to add up.

Emil Copy: Let’s do this!

Emil Copy: We can do it!

Emil Copy: Let’s show them our power!

Emil Copy: Whooooooaaa!!

Emil Copy: My head itches!

Emil Copy: I’m falling over!

Emil Copy: Man, this is heavy!

Emil: Well then, let’s go! All 430 of you!

Emil Copies: Alright!

Emil: As long as I have my Emil Corps, I will never allow you to do as you like with this planet! After all, this is Kaine-san, Weiss-san, and Nier-san’s planet!!

Emil expends the entirety of his power into his last attack. There’s a gigantic explosion before all goes silent.


Only the sound of flames remain.

Emil: At last, it seems as though I managed to get them all, I guess. But, I’m so tired now… Maybe I over did it…a little… Please, let me rest a moment…

Emil takes a few steps with his mechanical legs before he falls to the ground.

Emil: Hm? The stars are so beautiful… Nier…-san…


It’s a quiet night with crickets chirping.

Emil Copy: Where are you?

Emil: Huh!? I forgot to merge back into one! Hey!! Here!! Here!! I’m over here!!

***| Credits |***

  • Translation and editing by Fire Sanctuary.
  • Photo of No7 (Emil) was scanned from the insert included with the drama CD.