Interview with Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke by Hooked

This is a pretty amazing interview with both Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke. The intro and outro are conducted in German, but the actual interview is in English.

The part that I found the most amazing, if not shocking, was the fact that 2B is *not* the same character as No2 that appears in the YoRHa stage play! *mindblown* But, I was starting to lean toward that since her character and some parts of her design didn’t seem to match up.


No2’s final stance. Photo by Tantei File.

That being said, Yoko Taro is often known to say one thing and yet somehow contradict himself in the same sentence. It could be that this *is* the same character that has undergone some major changes to completely alter her mind/personality.

At any rate, I suppose it would be best to separate my own feelings for the YoRHa girls that appeared in the stage play from this new game that seems sooooooo heavily based on it.

Please stop reading here to avoid further speculation…

<–Further YoRHa Spoilers and Speculation–>

I’m now thinking that there were multiple YoRHa missions across the globe, not only the mission that my beloved YoRHa team of four (No2, No4, No16, and No21). Since they are all androids anyway, there could have been multiple copies of each unit that were put into armadas and sent off on separate missions. While No2 and her sisters were sent to Hawaii on a mission to destroy a terminal hub of the Machines, there could have been others, twin sisters of the same or newer models who were sent elsewhere, essentially on a different mission.

Also, the new game could take place several years after the events of the stage play… and No2 (and No4!!) could still be out there somewhere on the planet. It would be very interesting if 2B and 2 ever met… They are essentially the same, but… their experiences and “laws” make them into two very different individuals.

This was something else that made me wonder if 2B really wasn’t *my* No2: The YoRHa androids are said to be forbidden to have or show feelings. This is *VERY* different from the YoRHa units (and those in the Resistance) from the stage play. It seems to me that the humans in charge on the Moon learned that there was a correlation between allowing androids to “feel” and their rate of failure. By suppressing their emotional side, perhaps the androids would be more efficient in their assigned duties…?

I’m really kinda bummed that this character may not be my No2… but I’ll still hold out a little bit of hope that we’ll see her in some shape or form. She and No4 have to be out there, somewhere!! <3