MANGA: Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter 5 (English)


Thanks for your patience! Here’s Chapter 5 of “Thou Shalt Not Die”! Please click the image to be redirected to the chapter on my site.

A couple days ago, I was finally able to work on the chapter and post it to my site and Batoto, almost a month late. I’m so sorry for the delay! Life and work really kept me away from being able to work on it sooner.

But, finally after I was able to complete it, can you imagine what the first couple posts over at the great Batoto were? Flaming posts. Of course. What is a release without a bitchfest? That’s cool. That’s fine. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. What you’re not entitled to do is throw an bitchy, adolescent fit at the person who gave the free stuff away in the first place. Talk about misplaced aggression!

Here’s the thing: Any scanlation production is illegal unless it’s explicitly sanctioned by the copyright holder and/or publishing house. I have absolutely no permission to do so from anyone. Any of the aforementioned entities have every right to stop me at any time.

That being said, the next poignant issue is the cost it takes for any scanlator to do what they do. Here’s a break-down of the expenses involved:

Chapter 5 = 6 hours of work
Labor rate = $30/hour = $180 (time is money, after all!)
Big GanGan Book Purchase = $6
Monthly Photoshop Subscription = $50
(Translation knowledge = 12+ years Japanese studies = ???)
Subtotal = $236

Current number of views on = 48
$236×48 = $11,328

That is a huge amount that the copyright holder/publisher is out because of an unsanctioned use of their property. What do you, as the reader, pay to read?



Does this give you efficient leverage to incessantly complain about watermark usage, font positioning, word choice, style, character voice, the Boogie Man, Life? Did you even bother to read the forward that discusses the usage of watermarks? Whether you agree or not is besides the point. What purpose does complaining serve other than make you look like a complete whiny bitch? If you don’t like it, you can do it. Simple as that, right? Then you can also be prepared to pay up the initial $236 worth of costs for production. Enjoy that. If you’re not willing to pay, then I’m sure some other scanlator sap will be willing to go to their own expense to give YOU, the reader, free manga to read. Personally, I have no interest in giving you anything for free, which I have already explained many times. Perhaps if you had read the previously stated forwards, you would have known that and saved yourself a lot of time and unnecessary application of aggression.

So, go right ahead and keep on complaining if you enjoy doing so. It makes you look so awesome, after all! I won’t stop you! So, by all means, have at it! But you know what? Nothing will change. I will continue doing what I do, unhindered from the retorts of little children, until I get a cease-and-decist notice from the copyright holder/publishing house.

This is the absolute final response that I will make regarding this nonesense. Why must I waste my time and energy on the people who obviously don’t get it?

It’s time to grow up, people. Just because you cannot see my face, just because you think you have power, just because you are ANON does not give you the right to belittle someone who is only trying to share something special with you—for free. Read it for what it is—as it is—or don’t bother reading at all. It’s that simple. There is no need to slander or belittle the messenger. If you really can’t handle it, then I’m sure someone else will be willing to give you PRISTINE copies of chapters for FREE. Unfortunately, that person will never be me.

Thanks for the time and opportunity to vent.