• Junko

    Hi Rekka I would just like to thank you sincerely for all the translation work you have done for Drakengard, particularly for this manga. I enjoyed reading this from start to finish and would of been unable to, if it wasn’t for your help. So I am very grateful you decided to use up your own free time to purchase, as well as translate these chapters for myself as well as other fans.

    Which is why in regards to the hateful comments you have received, I apologise in advance for the rude remarks I’m about to make, but quite frankly I am disgusted by these people’s behaviour towards you. They should be ashamed of themselves, just who do they think they are? You have spent a good deal of your time as well as money to do this for us. And these people are reading your translations for free. From my point of view even if I did have a problem with any translation, if I was reading it for free then I would never complain or even dare to insult the translator as I would have absolutely no right to. Rekka its entirely up to you what you do with your translations if you want to go to SE about it then do so, as I’m not surprised you have reacted the way you have done, as I would most likely have done the same.

    Anyway enough about that lets discuss something more positive which is this last chapter. Now this certainly brought things together and explained more things. Because now we know that the narration that Partition said in the prologue was forced by One. We also know now exactly why One collapses in Branch A after Gabriel is defeated. Since its because they are both connected by soul together so if one of them dies, so does the other. This also means that Gabriel was not killed in Branch C by Mikhail and merely sent back through the portal she came from, because One would of died otherwise. It also looks like because of the “pact” (If that’s what it is) that One made to save Gabriella she became weaker, since she shrank back to her size in the main game (If makes me think of how strong One would of been had she not done so.) Still its pretty amazing that One managed to overcome the beastification of a dragon and save her. The two concerning things I have in this chapter is where is Zero? I presume this means she was still unconscious from her fight with Barthas and Michael took her away to recover. The second being Male One never making an appearance, as according to One’s DLC she created Male One before killing the lords with her sisters.

    Well besides that it was a good final chapter and thanks again Rekka for all the work you have done.

    • Oooh, I’m so sorry for the late response!! Thanks so much for your kind words! I can be a sappy fool sometimes, so I probably took those comments a little to personal than I should have. I know there are people out there who can do this sort of work much better than me, and I’m cool with that. It’s just sad that apparently that’s not good enough for some people.

      Then again, it seems like most of those comments were from non-DOD fans, so who knows. I have little interest in being “on par” with other manga groups because that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m really only doing it for the fans of Yoko Taro and the Drakengard series. If other people become interested in his works through this, then cool, but unfortunately, I’m not aiming to please the usual manga fanatic.

      And thanks for striking up a conversation, both here and on GameFAQs. It’s always a ton of fun discussing story points and how people interpret particular scenes. <3 It’s been over a year now since I’ve played through the game the first time, so I’m afraid to say I’m starting to forget some points and have to review with videos and re-read the guide books. xD

      I’ve completed the majority of the big things that needed to get done recently, so now I’m hoping to get back to some of my old projects that I started and never finished. I’ve got the week off from work, so let’s see how productive I can make myself… I’ve also got my own personal work sitting on the back, back, back, back burner…so it would be nice to get back into that sometime, too. 😛

      Thanks again for your comments–always feel free to stop by and say hi! <3

  • tefara

    Thank for your hardwork REKKA. I played DOD 3 and felt very sympathetic with the main protagonist – Zero after read her very very sad back story. I have an ideal of making a new manga named “FLower of Hope” that will explain the origin of the Flower, Dragoons, why the Dragoons kept trying to “eat” the Flower. But that is just subsidiary part, my main is the create a new future for Zero and her sisters. They reincarnate into a new life by the power of the Flower 500 years after an event called “Twilight of The Gods”. “Twilight of The Gods” occurred after Zero’s success in destroying the “Old Flower “, Didn’t know exactly the time of that event because the ” Time River ” was corrupted. Somethings was change, and There are many girls who awake their Intonner power around the world after that

    Well, I moved too far away. Come back to Zero and her sister’s new life. The world was abandoned by the Gods, and the gates to parallel worlds was open. Large group of monster ( composite of God and Evil servant ) go out through the gates, kill countless people, threat human civilization. Human reply on the power of the Intonners to protect them self. Intonners are some powerful girls who was gifted the power of the song which allow them to call the “Angels” to fight with them. Their Power is called “Flower of Hope”. However, the Intonners can only prove the power of the songs, they need an Apostles to call exactly the name of the Angels. “There is an mystery connection between Intonner and her Apostles, that mean it is very hard for an Intonner to find an appropriate Apostles, and they can one Angel at once”.
    Zero was an Intonner who has no Apostles so that se cannot call Angel. That is because she doesn’t believe any one due to her sad past ( talk about it later ). One day she and her little brother – Mikhail – was attacked by a large group of monsters ( Mikhail and Zero are not sibling sister and brother, they only live together in an Orphanage). Mikhail suddenly transform into an young Dragoon to protect Zero. They fight together but stay for no chance with the monster’s force, Mikhail is nearly to death. In desperation, Zero frantically use the power of the song to call an Angel by herself that seem to be impossible in the world. ” please, anyone of anythings, nomatter you are Human, God or Evil, i will give you my life if you can save Mikhail ” Zero shouted desperately in her song.

    Miracle happened, a gate connect to a chaotic space appeared, a “soul” come out though that gate, quickly consume Zero’s Song power and monster’s blood around to re-create its physical body. Finally, it become a 24 around years old boy. His name is Last, Last is absolutely not Intonner’s Angle. He seem likely to Human, or evil. Last is looked too weak, no power wave release from him ( like the Angles Zero called Angle before). He stand between Mikhail and Monster’s force, keep mumbling some sounds.
    —At the same time, reinforcement from IAA appeared, and quickly come to this way.
    FOH ( The organ Human final power to fight again monster, they find and train Intonners, and others solider to protect human ).—

    An deadly light was shot from monsters force, its target is wounded Mikhail while Last is standing between them. Zero closed her eyes in despair. She think that with a little power like Last, that light will melt him and then tear Mikhail apart . But, some thing imposible was happened. When the light hit Last. He move his left hand and easily divert little but enough to save himself and Mikhail. Then kill the monsters around them with a lightning speed
    FOH join the battle field, save Zero, and others. They move to FOH base and meet One, Two, Three, Four, Five. Last become Zero’s Apostles, because she thing that she can trust him due to his saving Milkhail. Last is very mystic, instead of calling Angels, he use Zero song power to summon the monster, use monster to fight monster, sound crazy. And he always call Zero another name -“Rose”.
    Why dis Zero is named like that, what are the relationship between Zero and her sister. Who is Last, why did Zero summon him instead of an Angel. Is that the power of Flower is going to destroy the world again. The questions will be answered in next patch.
    REKKA, if you interred in developing that manga, contact me and we will work together

    • Sounds like you’ve got quite a detailed fanfic in the works. I wish you the best of luck.

      • tefara

        Well, my English is not god and it will be boring if doing alone. I want some horror mixed with humor, but lacking of English skill that will be impossible to express humor though the characters’s conversations. I already got a rather logical storyline but unable to start drawing.

        • I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can help you with this project. Thanks for sharing your ideas, though!

          • GreenChaos

            I’m a fanfic writer myself. I found this thing on Fanfiction which is a 5000 word outline of a perfect fanfic plot. It’s called Drakengard the 4th Scirpt. I have went through multiple drafts of trying to write this. Also, I’m a beta Reader. I could proofread for you if you want. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10459094/1/Drakengard-the-4th-Script

          • tefara

            Please give me your email GreenChaos, i will send you my draft. In my fanfic, it will make a new world where Zero and her sister will be reincarnated in another life with their own dream, they are not only the tools that are going to kill others and them self. Imaging that what will happen if all of Intoners are NOT be ruined and spoiled by their Flower, what will they do and become basic on their personalities? A new world the there are one place for the Intoner.

            I suppose a Ending E, where Zero, her sisters, Dragoons work together in a war to the death with the “True Form of their Flowers” – a Evil that can summon the copies of the Intoners and Angels.

  • chazzeromus

    Greetings, thanks for you work on translating Utahime Five. I was wondering, I noticed there isn’t a chapter 2-5. I was wondering if they were missing, or not translated yet.