NieR Drama CD: Replicant Private High School

On the last couple pages of the insert that came with the Replicant Drama CD, it talks about yet another high school scenario involving the characters from (much like the previous high school plots with the characters). There are only four pages regarding this material and one is merely a title page.

But before we get into the details on this scenario, here’s a brief look at the complete track list:

Disc 1

  1. The End of the Sky
  2. Report #1
  3. The White Legion
  4. Report #2
  5. Statesmen
  6. Report #3
  7. Nier / Expectation
  8. Kaine / Family
  9. Emil / Weapon
  10. Nier / Confusion
  11. Emil / Oppression
  12. Kaine / Quarrel
  13. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #1
  14. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #2
  15. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #3
  16. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #4
  17. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #5
  18. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #6
  19. Report #4

Disc 2

  1. The Promise of 1,000 Years
  2. Carnal Desire
  3. The Space War
  4. Final Curfew Call
  5. The Classroom
  6. The Student Teacher
  7. Greeting by the Head Teacher
  8. The Cheerleading Squad
  9. Lunch Break
  10. The Lavatory
  11. The Baton Relay
  12. Good Work Today?
  13. The Folk Dance


  1. This is a “gag” supplemental scenario, only meant for fun. It has little to do with the actual story in the game(s).
  2. If you like this information and want to cite it, please do not simply copy and paste this into a wiki without crediting me as its source. Thank you.


Cast List

Nier (Little Brother/LB)
He cherishes his little sister Yohna so much that he has little interest in anything else.
His childhood friend Kainé treats him like her little brother.
Friends with Emil.
He is insensitive toward the feelings of women.

Nier (Big Brother/BB)
Student teacher at the school.
Brother of Nier (LB) and Yohna.
He thinks Yohna is extremely cute.
He is oblivious of his own feelings for his childhood friend, Kainé.
Just like Nier (LB), he is insensitive toward the feelings of women.

Senior. Classmates with Nier (LB) and Emil.
Childhood friends with both LB and BB Nier.
She and her older brother Tyrann do not get along well and often fight.
She is in love with her childhood friend, Nier (BB).
Likewise, she treats Nier (LB) as her little brother.

Senior. Classmates with Nier (LB) and Kainé.
Fell in love at first sight with the teacher-in-training, Nier (BB).
Wants to get along well with teacher Nier—also sexually.
He adores Kainé like his older brother.

She is the youngest sibling in Nier’s family.
Weak from her illness, she is well loved by her older brothers.
If she had to choose, she thinks more fondly of Nier (LB).
Nier (BB) is so large that she has difficulty with him. But she still likes him.

Kaine’s older brother
He is the same age as Nier (BB) and is also a student teacher.
He seems to be bad friends with Nier (BB).
He has bad relations with his younger sister, Kainé.

Music teacher
She seems to have a thing for Nier (BB).
She is usually quite lively, but often gets much cuter when she drinks.
Popola is her twin sister.

Japanese teacher
She loves Devola a little too much.
She is usually calm, but often destroys everything when she drinks.
Devola is her twin sister.

King of Façade
Foreign exchange student in Nier (LB)’s class.
He really is the king, and Fyra his wife, but either the other students don’t believe him or simply don’t think about it very deeply.
His nickname is “King”.
He talks a lot even though people don’t have a clue what he’s saying.

The King’s Advisor
Always tags along with the King.
He really is an advisor to the King (King of Façade).

A student at a different school and the wife of the King (King of Façade).
She is the queen of a foreign country.

Grimoire Weiss, Principal
He is extremely weak to water.
For whatever reason, he is always away on a business trip.

Grimoire Noir, Head Teacher
He is extremely weak to water.
He is earnestly awaiting the day when his true master, the Shadowlord, shall return.


Replicant Private High School – A Guide to the School

  • Message from the Principal
Grimoire Weiss, Principal

Grimoire Weiss, Principal

The Replicant Private High School is a young, start-up school; however, I value the free will of our students and take great pride in their accomplishments.

One of the mottos of our school is “having the courage to choose”.  While I respect the need for “freedom”, it can only be obtained and maintained by a making a series of “choices”.  We make many choices in the course of our lives, and choosing our school is one of them.  We pleasantly await those insignificant and fun choices. and sometimes even those large choices that may potentially change lives forever.

Perhaps you will be frightened stiff when that time arrives.  I wish all of our students may have faith not to waver at any moment, and to have the courage to accept and take responsibility of their own choices.  Even if they must sacrifice something precious to protect someone precious, I wish they might have the courage to walk the path of their own choosing.  Surely, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This is our hope and our mission.

  • School Motto

Our school motto is “freedom and independence”. To obtain freedom, it is necessary to always have the mind of control. Our school motto shall stand as a large pillar to support these ideals.


1. “The Courage to Make Choices”

There will come a time and place in all of our lives in which we must make choices. Therefore, we promote making choices, accepting the outcome of said choices, having the strength to digest it by oneself, and having the strength to live freely.

2. Self-discipline and Identity
Placing great emphasis on self-discipline and identity, we promote the personal regulation of one’s self-control.

  • The School Atmosphere

nier-replicant-school-classroom-hallwayRich and plentiful nature, a clean and beautiful school building with bright corridors. Our facilities include computer and language labs as well as music halls are extraordinary.

Of course, our students do not merely study.

There are various club activities for students, such as the athletic club or the culture club, that continually leave behind positive results.  At the Sports Festival and Culture Festival, each club is given the opportunity to display their skills.

At our school, we hope to help each student to cultivate their own personality and individualistic abilities.

  • School Uniforms


A simple uniform with a small needlepoint design over the chest. It exudes the feeling of cleanliness and youthfulness for both male and female students.


The sports uniform also features the same needlepoint design as the regular school uniform. The quality of the clothing is durable and well-suited for rigorous exercise.

Track 4: Final Curfew Call

PA: It’s past curfew. If there are any students still left in the building, please head home now.

Devola: Man, it really got dark quick.

Popola: You’re right.

Devola: Tomorrow’s the beginning of the Sports Festival. I doubt there are any more students here. I don’t know why we still have to patrol around.

Popola: You just want to hurry home and drink?

Devola: You’re probably right. I wanna freaking get home.

Popola: Devola, you’re going to participate in the teachers relay, aren’t you?

Devola: Of course! Aren’t you?

Popola: No, I think I ought to drop out. I’m fine with just watching.

Devola: Now that I think about it, the folk dance at the end. I heard the students asked us to dance with them, huh?

Popola: Yes. It’s interesting how they’d want us to dance with them…

Devola: Wha? Don’t you know?

Popola: What?

Devola: Isn’t it the same with any other school? There’s always a folk dance after the closing ceremony where they say the last two dancing will have a happy life together, or something like that.

Popola: Oh, then in that case… there is someone I’d like to dance with.

Devola: Eh? Who?

Popola: It’s a secret.

Popola: Could someone still be here?

Devola: Is someone there? It’s past curfew! …There’s nobody there.

<<creepy laughing>>


Track 5 – The Classroom

PA: The opening ceremony will be held in the schoolyard. Students who have finished with preparations, please make your way to the schoolyard.

Nier (LB): Yohna!

Yohna: Ah, onii-chan!

Nier (LB): Here’s your lunch. You forgot it at home.

Yohna: Than― <<cough, cough>>

Nier (LB): Oh, Yohna… You can’t overdo it at the Sports Festival today, okay?

Yohna: I know. I’m only going to do the ball toss.

Nier (LB): Alright. Well, both of your brothers will be there to cheer you on!

Yohna: Okay. Thank you.

Emil: Hi, Nier.

Nier (LB): Oh, Emil!

Yohna: Is this a friend of yours?

Nier (LB): Yeah, he’s a friend in my class. His name’s Emil.

Emil: This must be your little sister, right? My name is Emil.

Yohna: Nice to meet you. I’m Yohna.

Emil: You’re lucky to have such nice brothers, with Nier-kun and Nier-sensei…

Yohna: You know about our older brother?

Emil: Of course, I know! He’s a new student teacher.

Nier (LB): He gave his introduction in front of everyone at the morning assembly on that day you were absent.

Yohna: Ohh.

Emil: Speaking of which, it’s pretty rare for siblings to have the same name.

Nier (LB): Well… I think there’s a hidden meaning in there somewhere.

Emil: I bet it’s really hard. But… he must be a… really wonderful brother, right? Oh, of course, you are, too, but… What can I say? You two look a lot alike, but… he’s got this aura of adulthood around him, I suppose. When I’m near him, I can smell this wonderful scent… and my heart starts beating fast…

King: ??? (What are you doing? You’re going to be late!)

Yohna: Huh? What?

Nier (LB): Hey, King.

Yohna: King?

King: ??? (The opening ceremony’s about to begin, isn’t it?)

Emil: Ah, you’re right! I’m sorry.

Yohna: What did he say?

Emil: If we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late for the opening ceremony, I guess is what he said.

Nier (LB): He’s a foreign exchange student. Everybody calls him ‘King’.

Yohna: Wow, he really seems like a king of ancient Egypt.

Advisor: ??? (The king mustn’t be late, so everyone, please hurry along.)

Emil: The Advisor’s come looking for him, I guess.

Yohna: The Advisor?

Nier (LB): I think it’s someone who looks after the king.

Yohna: Is he really a king??

Advisor: ??? (Of course.)

Emil: “Precisely.” He says he is indeed a king. And earlier, he said that the king can’t be late to the ceremony.

Yohna: Wow. You can understand what they’re saying?

Emil: I’ve gotten used to it. I can pretty much figure out what they’re trying to say now.

Nier (LB): I told you Emil is awesome!

Advisor: ??? (King, let’s please hurry. The Queen is waiting.)

King: ??? (Alright, we need to hurry, huh? Hey, you guys. Get going!)

Emil: He said we should hurry. Let’s go! Kainé also seemed a bit annoyed.

Nier (LB): Kainé, too? Oh, man. We should hurry up! Thanks!

Yohna: Onii-chan, I’m going to be cheering hard for you, so please get first place, okay?

Nier (LB): Of course, you got it!


Track 6 – The Student Teacher

Kainé: What are you doing, Nier? Do you really think you can join the Sports Festival while wearing a suit?

Nier (BB): I think you forgot a title in there. I know we might be long-time friends, but I’m a teacher here now, Kainé.

Kainé: You’re still in training. Don’t pretend you’re actually a teacher yet.

Nier (BB): haha Wow, that’s harsh. You have to speak at the opening ceremony since you’re the senior class president, right? Is it okay for you to be here?

Kainé: Why would you think it’s okay? That’s why you have to hurry up and get changed for the ceremony!

Nier (BB): Ah, yeah… that’s the problem. I can’t find the sports uniform I set out last night. I was just now trying to think of what to do…

Kainé: Then hurry up and say something, you ****ing idiot. There’s no more time. I’ll go tear off somebody else’s uniform for you.

Nier (BB): Kainé…

Tyrann: I’ll lend you mine.

Nier / Kainé: Tyrann!

Nier (BB): Are you sure?

Tyrann: I was going to skip it anyway.

Nier (BB): Thanks, Tyrann. You really saved me.

Tyrann: No problem.

Nier (BB): Alright then, I’ll go change.

Tyrann: You don’t need to glare at me like that, Kainé. Nier and I are friends, yo. We are childhood friends who just happen to be in the same student teaching program. Helping him out is common sense.

Kainé: Don’t make me laugh.

Tyrann: Aren’t you in a bad mood?

Kainé: It’s none of your business.

Tyrann: Hey, Kainé. Call me “onii-chan”.

Kainé: Like who the hell would?

Tyrann: Oh, yeah, one more thing, Kainé.

Kainé: What is it?

Tyrann: You wanna dance with Nier at the Folk Dance, don’t you?

Kainé: !!

Tyrann: You are a woman, after all, right? Perhaps your beloved “onii-chan” can help you out.

Kainé: Shut up! I’ll cut your ****ing **** off and stuff it in your mouth!!

Tyrann: haha Boy, are you brave!

Nier (BB): Sorry to keep you waiting.

Tyrann: Well, I’m off. Good luck, Kainé.

Nier (BB): Are you guys fighting as usual?

Kainé: Ah, just leave it alone.

Emil: Oh! Nier-sensei and Kainé! C’mon, you’ve got to go!!
Ah, Nier-sensei… You’re wearing the sports uniform… This is the first time I’ve seen you like this. You look… great. And you… really smell nice, too.

Nier (BB): Oh, I’m just borrowing this uniform. I don’t know where mine went.

Emil: That’s not good.

Nier (BB): Yeah. But anyway, let’s get going.

Emil: Okay.

Nier (BB): Kainé, you too.

Kainé: Hmph.


Track 7 – Greeting by the Head Teacher

PA: Since Principal Weiss is away on business, Head Teacher Noir will begin today’s ceremony.

G.Noir: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Gentlemen, this is the opening scene of the battle! These pasts few days, I know you must have felt like retreating, but just for today, release all of your strength and power!

Emil: Is this really all right, this sort of opening…?

Nier (LB): Uh, Grimoire Noir is the head teacher after all; there’s no avoiding it.

Emil: I can’t believe that Principal Weiss would go on a business trip today, of all days!

Kainé: Yeah, he says he’s on a “business trip”, but I bet somebody just used him instead of toilet paper somewhere.

Emil: Wouldn’t that be a one-on-one?

Nier (LB): It’s all right. It’s just that his budge—uh, he said it’s the “circumstances of being an adult.”

Emil: Nier-kun… I think you pretty much the whole thing…

Kainé: It’s pointless trying to hide it! You get the point anyway.

Emil: Kainé, don’t you think you’re going a little too far?

Nier (LB): So, that’s why we should try our best! For Principal Weiss!

G. Noir: Now, let’s fight to the bitter end!!

PA: Let us begin the Second Annual Replicant Private High School Sports Festival!


Track 8 – The Cheerleading Squad

Nier (BB): Did you give Yohna her lunch?

Nier (LB): Yip.

Nier (BB): And there was some hot tea for her, too; did you give it to her? If it’s too cold, it’s not good for her stomach—

Kainé: Hey, you sister-complex brothers! Get to your posts immediately!

Emil: Nier-kun, Nier-sensei! What do you think? How do I look?

Nier (LB): haha You two really look different than usual! It looks good on you!

Nier (BB): Emil is dressed as a cheer girl and Kainé is a male student with long jacket! The two of you look great!

Emil: Eh? Uhhh!! Thank you so much!!

Kainé: Hmph.

Nier (LB): Kainé, you look so cool!!

Nier (BB): Quite masculine, huh.

Nier (LB): Yeah!

Kainé: You stupid sister-complex brothers!! Go **** your sister!

Nier (BB): Did we make her angry?

Nier (LB): Onii-chan, it seems like we made her upset.

Emil: Oh, boy… They haven’t got a clue… You guys really ought to learn a thing or two about a maiden’s heart.

Nier (BB): How is it that Emil understands ‘a maiden’s heart’?

Nier (LB): Hm, I have no idea.

Nier (BB): And that outfit looked so natural on him that I forgot to mention it but… Why was Emil dressed as a cheer girl? He’s a guy.

Nier (LB): Yeah, you’re asking the wrong guy.


Track 9 – Lunch Break

PA: The break for lunch is one hour.  The student/teacher relay will begin at 1:30pm, so please be prepared.

Emil: <<humming>> Ah!  Nier-kun!  Let’s have lunch together.

Nier (LB): Okay!  Oh, hold on a sec.

Emil: Kainé, won’t you have lunch with us, too?

Kainé: I’ll eat.

Nier (LB): Uhh…  Huh?

Emil: Is something the matter?

Nier (LB): My lunchbox is empty!

Emil: What?!

Nier (BB): Hey, do you guys have any extra lunches?

Nier (LB): Your lunch disappeared, too?

Nier (BB): Yeah.  It was empty when I opened it.

Nier (LB): Mine was empty, too!

Nier (BB): Yours, too?

Kainé: They were both… delicious.

Nier (BB): Eh?  You ate them?

Kainé: Ate them this morning.

Nier (BB): Huh?!  Kainé!?

Nier (LB): And you ate it way early!

Emil: Could it be that… you ate them this morning after these two made you angry…?

Kainé: Exactly.  You’ve got a problem with that?

Nier (BB): No, just… it’s just that…

Nier (LB): I’m so hungry…!

Yohna: Neither of you have any lunch?

Nier x2: Yohna!

Yohna: Both of you are so much bigger than I am; you need to eat!  You can have mine.

Nier x2: It’s okay, Yohna!

Yohna: But…

Nier (BB): I’ll be fine, really.  You eat.

Nier (LB): Yeah, you need to eat to do your best!  Okay?

Emil: That’s right, Yohna!  Besides, if anyone needs a lunch… I’ve got a ton here!  This is the lunch that I brought.  I think I got carried away and brought a little too much, but…

Nier (BB): A little carried away…?  This is massive.

Emil: Sensei, please don’t go back to your desk.  You can eat here with us!

Nier (LB): …and the food inside is way larger than even Osechi!!

Nier (BB): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…  How many levels does this thing have!?

Emil: I’m pleased if you like it.  Please eat as much as you like.  My butler Sebastian made it this morning.

King: ??? (What!  You have no lunch?)

Nier (LB): Ah, King!

King: ??? (Then eat ours!)

Emil: I think he said, ’Eat our lunch.’  Wow!  I’ve never seen this kind of food before!

Nier (LB): And, um… the Advisor is passing out plate after plate…  Is it really okay if we eat?

Advisor: ??? (We are always within your debt, so please do not hold back and eat as much as you like.)

Emil: Um, he says that we helped them out, so please eat.

Nier (BB): He’s still bringing more stuff out…  How much more is there!?

Advisor: ??? (Queen Fyra will be joining us as well, so please enjoy this together.)

Emil: Is Queen Fyra here?

Fyra: ??? (Excuse me, would you mind if I joined you for lunch?)

Nier (LB): Are you Fyra?

King: ??? (She is my wife!)

Emil: If I’m not mistaken, he says she is his wife.

Nier (BB): They’re married?

Fyra: ??? (I’m embarrassed to say…)

Emil: It sounds like it’s true!  You’re a bride, yes?  How wonderful!  I admire you!

Nier (LB): Ad…mire?

Nier (BB): In this case, which side…?

King: Don’t be modest, eat!

Nier (LB): Um, does he want us to eat?

Fyra: ??? (Please enjoy!)

King: ??? (It tastes much better if we eat together!)

Emil: I think you’re right.  He says, “Let’s eat together.”

King: ??? (Kainé!  You haven’t had your fill yet, have you? Eat!)

Nier (BB): “Kainé hasn’t had enough yet”, he says.

Kainé: Hmph.

Emil: Let’s eat together, Kainé!

Kainé: If you’re giving it to me, I’ll eat.

Nier (LB): There’s a lot here, so I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

Nier (BB): Here, there are chopsticks here, too.

Kainé: You’re well prepared.

Nier (LB): Yohna, you eat up, too!

Yohna: Is it okay?

King: ??? (I don’t mind.)

Nier (LB): See?  It’s okay!

Yohna: Thank you.

Emil: Bon appétit!

PA: The student/teacher relay will begin at 1:30pm, so please be prepared.

Emil: That’s the student/teacher face-off relay, right?

Nier (LB): Yeah, I’m the main representative of the students this year.

Emil: I’ll cheer for you!

Nier (BB): Good luck!

Yohna: Onii-chan, do your best!

Nier (LB): Thanks!


Track 10 – The Lavatory

PA: Runners in today’s Student/Teacher Relay, please gather in the main area.

Emil: <<humming>> You really… smell great… So sweet… like candy…

Nier (BB): Emil?

Emil: Ahh! Don’t mind me, Nier-sensei!

Nier (BB): Um, I can’t help but notice… ^^;; Although I was just going to the bathroom by myself, I wasn’t expecting to be praised behind my back like that…

Emil: Me, too, I—

Popola: Nier-sensei, hurry, come here!

Nier (BB): Popola-sensei!

Emil: Popola-sensei!! Please don’t grab me like a cat at the nape of the neck… ;_; Put me down!!

Popola: The students and teachers are going to pair off according to each school year for the relay, but Gretel-sensei hurt his left arm, so he can’t participate in the final leg of the race. Could you run instead of him?

Nier/Emil: Huh?!

Popola: The teacher running before you is Devola, so she’s already at the starting point. Please, hurry!

Emil: Nier-sensei, you’re going to run as hard as you can, won’t you? I—I’ll cheer for you!!

Nier (BB): Emil, why do you seem so happy?

Popola: Nier-sensei, you’re in charge of the seniors, so you’ll be up against your brother, huh?

Nier (BB): Now that you mention it, I think that’s what he said before…


Track 11 – The Baton Relay

PA: Oh boy!! And here comes Devola, representing the teachers, in a dead-heat with Senior Kainé!!

Nier (LB): Kainé, just a little further!!

Kainé: Chibi-Nier!!!!

Nier (LB): It’s alright! We’ve got this!

Devola: Nier-sensei, don’t let them win!!

Nier (BB): Leave it to me!

PA: The batons have been passed to the final runners. Wow, no one can match their speed! Plus, they are brothers!! I wonder which one will win!?

Popola: Nice job, Devola.

Devola: Thanks, Popola. Does it look like Nier-sensei will win?

Popola: It seems like Nier-kun might catch up to him. But, it’s a good match.

PA: Nier-sensei looks like he might be slowing down a little bit. Could this be the chance Senior Nier-kun needs to break away?! Oh, the gap between them is getting smaller and smaller…!!

Yohna: Both of you, hang in there! <<cough, cough>>

Emil: Oh, man… I have to cheer for Nier-kun, but… Ahhh! Both of you, do your best!!

Kainé: There’s no way we’ll lose to the teachers!! If you let him go, I’ll cut off your *****, you hear me!?

Devola: Go, Nier-sensei!! You can overtake him!!

Emil: Oh! Nier-sensei’s caught up with him!

Kainé: What!?


Emil: He did it!!


Track 12 – Good Work Today?

Emil: Nier-kun!  Oh, oh!!  Both of you were wonderful!!  Amazing!!  So cool!!

Nier (LB): hehheh Thanks.

Kainé: Hey, Chibi Nier.

Nier (LB): Ah, Kainé.  I’m sorry…  I lost. 😛  Even after you passed the baton to me so well…

Kainé: Oh well, for you, you didn’t do so bad.

Nier (LB): Thanks.

Nier (BB): It’s pretty rare to see you complementing somebody, Kainé.

Kainé: What did you say!?

Devola/Popola: Nier-sensei!!  <<glomp>>

Devola: Nier-sensei, you did it!!

Nier (BB): Devola-sensei…

Devola: You did great!!  The afterparty is gonna rock!!  Popola will be so happy, too!!

Nier (BB): Devola-sensei, Popola-sensei, you two ought to go easy on the drinking…  You remember what happened at the welcome party…

Devola: Ah, the welcome party?  Yeah, I don’t really remember much from that night…  Oh, don’t worry about it!!  I’ve got some great stuff brewing in the science prep lab!

Nier (BB): No, the problem is because you can’t remember―

Devola: Let’s have a drink before the Folk Dance, too!  Alright, guys!  We’ll catch you later!  Emil, stop clinging to these guys and start helping everybody to clean up!

Emil: Eh!?  Nooooo!!!  Nier-sensei!!!

Nier (BB): Oh boy, it’d be better to hold off drinking until after the Folk Dance…

Kainé: Hey, Nier.

Nier (BB): Didn’t I tell you to call me “Nier-sensei” while we’re at school?

Kainé: I will win next time.

Nier (BB): Huh?

Kainé: We may have lost at the relay, but I still challenge you to something else.  I will not allow you to win then run away!!

Nier (BB): A direct competition with you, huh?  That sounds pretty interesting, too.

Kainé: !!  What did you do to your hand?

Nier (BB): My hand?  Huh?  I must have cut it when we were passing the baton, maybe.

Kainé: What are you doing?!  Get over here!!  <<yank>>

Nier (BB): Kainé!

King: ??? (Kainé!  Where is she?)

Emil: Hm?  Where is Kainé?  Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen her for a while.

King: ??? (My advisor has brought a large dessert, so please tell Kainé and Nier to come eat it anytime.)

Emil: Oooh!  And you have dessert?  Okay, I’ll let them know!  Aw… King’s left, too.  I wonder where Kainé went off to.  Maybe if put all the King’s dessert together here, the sweet scent will lead her here.

Kainé: What about dessert!?

Nier (BB): Kainé, you’re hungry again?

Emil: Oh, Kainé and Nier-sensei!

Kainé: I will eat anything, anytime.

Emil: Where did you two run off to?  Eh?  Nier-sensei, what happened to your hand!?

Nier (BB): Ahh, this?  I just hurt it a little bit.

Emil: You’re hurt!?  Ahh!  It’s huge!  Is it okay with just this flimsy wrap?

Nier (BB): No, it’s not a big deal.  Really.

Emil: Not a big deal…  But with the way it’s wrapped, it’s like you’re all bound so tightly… It’s not like I’m against bondage or anything, but… No, no!!  I don’t mean it like that…!!  But if I had to choose, I’d rather be the one bound, but… if it’s you, I don’t mind doing the binding…!!  Wha-what am I saying!?  No, it’s not like that…!

Nier (BB): He’s over-exaggerating, right?

Kainé: What?  You’ve got a problem with it?

Nier (BB): Uh, no I guess not.

PA: The Closing Ceremony is about to begin.  Students, please gather together in the separate areas according to class.


Track 13 – The Folk Dance

Nier (LB): We’re seniors this year, so this is our last Folk Dance, huh?

Kainé: Like somebody’s brother, you can always come back as a student teacher.

Emil: Huh? Oh, right… You’ve got an older brother, too, right Kainé?

Kainé: No!

Emil: Wha?

Nier (LB): Aw, c’mon, Kainé… But um… Kainé, what’s up with that outfit? It’s cute and all, but isn’t that the cheerleader outfit Emil was just wearing…?

Emil: Yeah, she took mine a little bit ago. I have to wear my usual gym clothes for the folk dance instead now…

Kainé: Heh. I only changed because I was all sweaty.

Emil: Uhh, Kainé-san!

Kainé: Besides that, Emil… Aren’t you wearing too much?

Emil: You mean the hood? You’re so mean! Oh, Nier-sensei!

Nier BB: Hey, you three. Have you seen either Devola or Popola-sensei at all?

Nier (LB): Huh? The twin teachers? No, I haven’t seen them.

Emil: Is something the matter?

Nier (BB): Oh, it’s nothing really… Kainé, why are you all of a sudden wearing a cheer outfit?

Kainé: I only changed because I was all sweaty, aright!?

Nier (BB): But that outfit…

Kainé: You got somethin’ to say?

Emil: Uhh, Kainé-san, please relax a little…

Kainé: I am relaxed!!

Kainé shoves Emil a little too hard and he falls to the ground.

Emil: Whoa!

Nier (LB): Ahh! Kainé! Don’t be so rough! You just made him fall down!

Kainé: Emil… …sorry.

Emil: No, it’s alright, it was my fault…

Nier (BB): Here, can you stand?

Nier (BB) offers Emil a hand.

Nier (BB): Emil… Your gym clothes are inside-out.

Emil: Huh?

Nier (LB): Do you even have more on under your gym clothes?

Kainé: How freaking hot that must be! So that’s why it looked like you were wearin’ so much!

Emil: Huh?! No!! It’s not like that…

Nier BB: Um, isn’t that my exersize uniform…?

Emil: I-I-I-I…! I just remembered I forgot something… Excuse me!!

Emil runs away.

Kainé: Hold it! Emil!!

Kainé runs after Emil.

Nier (LB): Um… Was that your clothes?  I wonder why Emil’d want to put on your clothes…

Nier (BB): Yeah, I dunno………… Anyway, I’m gonna go after those two.

Nier (LB): Okay.

Nier (BB) runs off.

Yonah: Onii-chan.

Nier (LB): Yonah! What is it?

Yonah: Um, you know… I was thinking if I might be able to join the folk dance, too…

Nier (LB): Ahh, right.

Yonah: So, would you dance with me, Onii-chan?

Nier (LB): Sure! Of course!!

Kainé: Man, you really don’t pay aaaaaaaaaaaany attention, do you?

Nier (BB): I never thought Emil would put on my clothes.

Kainé: Seriously.

Nier (BB): Eh? It’s Yonah.

Kainé: Huh?

Nier (BB) and Kainé look on to see Nier (LB) and Yonah dancing together.

Yonah: heeheehee heeheehee Onii-chan, you’re going a little too fast.

Nier (LB): Oh, sorry. Shall we dance a little slower?

Yonah: Uh-huh.

Nier (BB): Yonah’s dancing in the Folk Dance, huh? That’s nice.

Kainé: What? Do you wanna dance, too?

Nier (BB): No, I just…

Kainé: I can be your partner if you want.

Nier (BB): Kainé…

Kainé: Don’t you dare say no.

Nier (BB): No, I… Alright.

Kainé: If you step on my feet, I’ll kill you.

Emil: Um…

Nier (BB): Emil.

Emil: Sorry about that before… Would you mind if I joined you?

Nier (BB): Sure, Emil.

Emil: Nier-sensei!!

Nier (BB): But you know, it’s not good to put on somebody else’s clothes just because you don’t have your own.

Emil: Huh? Um, I, uh… You’re right. I’m sorry.

Kainé: Oh, cut the small talk—hurry up and get in the circle!

Emil: Kainé-san… Alright!

Kainé: So, how long does this last? We’re just going around in circles without swapping anybody in or out.

Emil: It might be different If we joined that circle with all of those students over there, but… We’re the only ones in this circle…

Nier (LB): But, the tempo over there is too fast. It would be horrible if Yonah fell…!

Nier (BB): We can’t let that happen. Plus, it’s too soon for Yonah to dance with boys…

Kainé: Knock it off with the sister complex, you <beeeeeeep>!!

Yonah: heehee But it’s fun!

Nier (LB): Yeah! I’m happy to dance with you, Yonah!

Emil: Me, too! It’s really great to dance with you all!

Nier (BB): Ahaha! I wonder if it’s bad that I don’t join the circle with the other teachers later. I’m a teacher, after all, right?

Devola: (drunk) Nier-sensei…

Nier (BB): Devola-sensei!

Kainé: Uh, she stincks like booze!

Devola: I wanna… dance… with you, too nyaa~!

Emil: Wait a second. Why is she talking like that?

Nier (BB): Was I too late?

Devola: Right, right! Nier-sensei… You… looked so cool… in the relay nyaa~!

Emil: Plus, she’s not even acting like herself!!

Nier (BB): Yeah… this is what happens when she drinks. The same thing happened at the welcome party.

Devola: Let’s dance together nyaa~!

Kainé: If you’re going to join the circle, then do it!

Devola: Thank you~! You guys are so nice~!!

Emil: It’s weird how she’s acting all “cute” like this… I wonder if Popola-sensei, her twin, would get even cuter?

Nier (BB): Uh, no… Actually, Popola-sensei…

Emil: Oh, wait! There she is now! Popola-sensei, would you like to join us?

Nier (BB): Wait! Emil!

Emil: Huh?

Popola: The hell?

Emil: What? She doesn’t seem…

Popola: What do you think you’re doing, getting all cozy with my sister? All of you!!


Emil: No, wait a minute! Popola-sensei!

Nier (LB): We weren’t doing anything wrong…!!

Popola: Ain’t it a bit late to be spewin’ excuses!?

Nier (BB): Popola-sensei? Please, calm down.

Popola: It’s too late! For everything!!

Nier (LB): Um, why does it look like some magician just appeared out of nowhere…

Emil: Let’s get out of here!

Popola: I will never forgive you!!

Popola begins shooting magic bullets at everyone.

Nier (LB): Uhh… some sort of magic bullets are coming this way!!

Kainé: This is so annoying. Can I cut her?

Nier (BB): No, Kainé, you may not!

Emil: Kainé, no! Just run!!

Yonah: Ah! Onii-san! Popola-sensei is chasing after us.

Nier (LB): Nevermind that, Yonah! Just follow me!

Devola: Hey, you guys~! Don’t leave me behind nyaa~! It’s so lonely nyaa~!

Emil: Oh no! Devola-sensei’s after us now, too!


Emil: See?

Popola shoots off more and more magic bullets.

Nier (LB): C’mon, stop! Popola-sensei! Please calm down!

Popola: Huh!?

Emil: She’s amazing! Her power’s even greater than Kainé’s!

Kainé: What did you say!?

Emil: Uhh, nothing! Let’s hurry and get out of here!!

Popola: Wait!!!

Kainé: I was right: this is annoying. I’ll meet her head on and cut her to shreds!

Nier (BB): No, Kainé!!

Kainé: Don’t stop me!

Devola: Popola~ I miss you nyaa~!

Popola: Okay, I’ll be right there.

Kainé: That’s it! Now’s my chance! I’ll cut you!!

Nier (BB): It’s not your chance!!

Nier (BB) stops Kainé.

Kainé: Don’t get in my way!!!

Emil: Ohh, please stop!!!

Suddenly, there’s a huge explosion.

And all is silent.

Yonah: And so conclude’s this year’s Sports Festival. Next time is the Culture Festival!

Kainé: There is no next time. This is the last.

Nier (BB): Culture Festival, huh? That sounds like fun!

Nier (LB): You can come as a student teacher again.

Kainé: Like I said, there *is* no next time!

Nier (LB): Is this really the end?

Emil: Yes, it seems that way. But maybe if we had a budget… No, it’s  nothing. This is the last.

Kainé: Then, finish it.

Nier (BB): Alright. Well then, Nier. Shall we end this together?

Nier (LB): Okay!

Nier (LB/BB): Everyone, thank you very much!

ALL: Thank you very, very much!

***| Credits |***

  • Translation and editing by Fire Sanctuary.
  • All photos were scanned from the booklet included with the drama CD.