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I’ve been meaning to translate the extra pages in the CD booklet about the YoRHa back story… but haven’t had much time to do it yet.  This is only going to be a partial blog entry for right now until I’m able to translate the other bits.  In the meantime, though, here’s the excerpt that I translated from the main Web site and a couple other extra goodies from the booklet:

11,939AD* Outbreak of the 14th Machine Armament War

In the distant future when the world is conquered by Living Machines.

As the remaining humans fled to the Moon (or artificial satellite), they were unable to deal the decisive blow to the Living Machines which found a way to fortify their propagation.

The humans descended from orbit with a fleet of ships, firing all of their torpedos and bombs, but all attempts to destroy the machines were ineffective.

Although a few friendly forces arrived on the surface of the Earth, they were completely annihilated before the overwhelming enemy forces.

As their ice-cold enemies approached, the entire human race was forced to stand on the precipice of extinction.

Automatic humanoid soldier androids developed to combat the Living Machines.

YoRHa No2: Healer (Re-Assessing)
YoRHa No4: Executer (Seriously Injured)
YoRHa No9: Scanner (Deported)

YoRHa No11: Defender (Deployed)
YoRHa No12: Sniper (Deployed)
YoRHa No13: Attacker (Deployed)

2014.10.1-5 Ikebukuro Theater KASSAI – The Stage “YoRHa”
2014.1.11 Koenji High – Second ACT
2013.9.26 Akihabara Dearstage – Reboot MTG #2
2013.9.26 Akihabara Dearstage – Reboot MTG #2
2013.6.28 Akihabara Dearstage – Reboot MTG #1
2013.3.8 Akihabara Dearstage – Strategy MTG #4
2012.12.13 Akihabara Dearstage – Strategy MTG #3
2012.9.27 Akihabara Dearstage – Strategy MTG #2
2012.7.13 Akihabara Dearstage – Strategy MTG #1
2012.5.27 Shibuya WWW – First ACT

YoRHa:  No13 – Sakurai Tamaki  (櫻井珠希)
Classification:  Attacker  (攻撃)
HP:  490
MP:  17
Range:  Short Distance

Skill:  Dandelion  蒲公英(タンポポ)
This skill is unlocked when the unit’s HP is reduced to 33%.  Attack power is increased by three for a short period of time.  The window of availability for this skill is three minutes.  Once this time is up, the unit’s defence is decreased by a third.

Status:  Deployed

YoRHa:  No11 – Aino Eri (愛野えり)
Classification:  Defender (防御)
HP:  259
MP:  248
Range:  Short Distance

Skill:  Weeping Forsythia  連翹(レンギョウ)
For a short period, the unit’s hair grows long enough to enshroud its whole body and increase defence power by 120%.  Enemies within close proximity may also be stunned and unable to move.

Status:  Deployed

YoRHa:  No12  – Yuna (ゆな)
Classification:  Sniper (狙撃)
HP:  130
MP:  377
Range:  Long Distance

Skill:  October Cherry 十月桜(ジュウガツサクラ)
When ammunition has been depleted to 23%, the unit will commence with a course correction in which its hit rate will increase from 75% to 94%.

Status:  Deployed

  • The date 11939 is an allusion to 1939 and the beginning of WWII when Germany invades Poland.

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    • Yeah, I’m pretty skeptical that there’s an intended connection to the character Accord through this. But Yoko Taro *did* work on the story for YoHRa, so who knows! The timeline of DOD is pretty full of infinite possibilities, so I could see is one timeline, it could be a possibility!

        • Nice. He’s awesome. <3

          I also don’t think they’re related to Nier but based on something else we may not have been introduced to yet, hence the secrecy. xD I’m still a bit behind with my translations but I’ll try to get more info from the CD and the booklet up soon.

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