YoRHa – “Normandy / Guadalcanal” Lyrics


Edited: 2/4/2014
I fixed a couple errors in the Romaji version of Guadalcanal.

I just received my order of YoRHa’s CD today and the contents of the booklet is pretty interesting.  As I thought, there are only two tracks on the CD:  Normandy and Guadalcanal.

First of all, it appears that not only did MONACA work on the composition & arrangement of these two songs, but Yoko Taro also developed the back story!  What does this mean in terms of DOD / Nier?  I have absolutely no idea, but it seems more plausible that there *could* be a distant connection somewhere…!?

There are a couple extra pages with character stats for all 3 YoRHa characters, their HP/MP, and special attacks, as well as some more info on the story.  I’ll have to translate those bits tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Translation Notes:
Literally, “hitotsu” means “one”; however, since this is more like a list of things to be wary of, I translated it as “warning” mostly because there is no precedence to this order.  Not one notice is more vital than another, and therefore, should neither be translated as “first, second, third” like a typical numerical list. It would also be accurate to merely bullet this list instead without using any word or number. In the end, as with any translation, personal preference plays an important role. *^^*

My style of writing Romaji may be a little different from others.  I write the particle を as “o” rather than “wo”. 


In the meantime, here are the complete lyrics transcribed and translated by me:

「Normandy / ノルマンディー」
Composed and Arranged by: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)
Lyrics: YoRHa HQ


遠い 色持つ
浅い 感情

液を 垂らして
赤を 散らして
指を 羨らやみ
君の 今を 潰してゆく


一人 静かに 機能 停止する
甘く 密かに 屠る 祈りの歌

不快 音が

ロード 壊して
コード 紡いで
エラー 叫んで

僕の 意味を 満たしてゆく


【  ROMAJI  】

tooi iro motsu
asai kanjou

eki o tarashite
aka o chirashite
yubi o urayami
kimi no ima o tsubushite yuku

hitotsu, kikai wa hakaisarenai
hitotsu, kikai wa fukusei suru
hitotsu, kikai wa yuugen de aru
hitotsu, kikai wa osore o shiranai
hitotsu, kikai wa kioku o motanai
hitotsu, kikai wa uta o utawanai

hitori shizukani kinou teishi suru
amaku hisokani hofuru inori no uta

fukai oto ga

load kowashite
code tsumuide
error sakende
boku no imi o mitashite yuku



the distant colors
a shallow feeling

slime squirts out
sprinkled with red
envious of those fingers
your present is slowly devoured

WARNING: Machines cannot be destroyed
WARNING: Machines will replicate
WARNING: Machines are finite
WARNING: Machines know not anger
WARNING: Machines have no memories
WARNING: Machines do not sing songs

quietly and alone, all function ceases
sweetly and secretively slaughtered, a song of prayer

unpleasant be the sound

break down, the load
spin ’round, the code
scream out, an error
I am satisfied with my purpose


「Guadalcanal / ガダルカナル」
Composed and Arranged by: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)
Lyrics: Kikuchi Hana


意志を 組み込まれ
武器を 研ぎ澄まし
爪を 握り締め
空に 残す痕

叫びを 呪いを 怒りを 奏でる
正義を 悪意を 破壊を 吐き出す

今も 聞こえるよ
君の 甘い音
いつか 奪うまで
眠る 黒の眼が

嘔吐を 病を 痛みを 産み出す
意識を 記録を 機械を 滅ぼす

君を 潰す から
僕を 壊す から
君を 癒す から
僕を 犯す から



ishi o kumi komare
buki o togisumashi
tsume o nigirishime
sora ni nokosu ato

sakebi o, noroi o, ikari wo, kanaderu
seigi o, akui o, hametsu o, hakidasu

ima mo kikoeru yo
kimi no amai koe
itsuka ubau made
nemuru kuro no me ga

outo o, yamai o, itami o, umi dasu
ishiki o, kiroku o, kikai o, horobosu

kimi o tsubusu kara
boku o kowasu kara
kimi o iyasu kara
boku o okasu kara



The will shall be programmed
The weapons shall be sharpened
The claws shall be clenched
Traces remain in the sky

Play the strings of screams, curses, anger
Vomit out justice, malice, destruction

I can hear it even now
The sound of your sweet voice
Until someday it’s taken away
Those black eyes shall sleep

Give birth to vomit, sickness, and pain
Destroy the consciousness, the chronicle, and the machines

For I shall crush you
For you shall break me
For I shall heal you
For you shall violate me


Composed and Arranged by: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)
Lyrics by: YoRHa HQ

Recording: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA) / Takahashi Kuniyuki (MONACA)
Mastering Engineer: Yanagi Eiichiro
Photographer: Yamagishi Daisuke
Design: Bozo
Label Staff: kussuu / Bozo / Ise Kaoru
Creative Director: Yoko Taro

“YoRHa” performed by: Tamaki / Eri / Yuna
Choreographer: Yumiko

Executive Producer: Mofuku-chan

Please support the artists by purchasing the CD here:

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    cool stuff!

  • MiLO

    from Normandy lyrics – “I am satisfied with my purpose”
    Oh. So cold and in such a Japanese-ish way 😀

    Thanks for the info and samples!

    • Yeah, it’s tragic, isn’t it? I mean, I believe the androids in this scenario have some form of personal awareness…and yet they know they are mere soldiers going out to war…and probably will never return. It’s interesting that they would continue to fight for humans rather than switching sides. I still need to translate the other story information (in the form of a data entry), so I guess we can only imagine just what the heck this is or means!!! It’s very thought provoking, though, right?!

      • MiLO

        Yes it is. Curious what’s in that other story information.

        • Yeah, sorry, I’ve been meaning to translate that, but I get very distracted doing other things!! 😛 Thanks for reminding me that I need to do this… I’ll see what I can do tonight! 😀

          • MiLO

            Hey no rush at all. Thank you for doing all this translations.