Possible connections between YoRHa & DOD/Nier?

For those of you following the news of the secret track ripped from the game which was labeled as Accord’s battle theme, here’s some interesting food for thought for youー but please be warned of spoilers.  I would recommend not reading any further in this post if you do not want to be spoiled on the story of DOD3.

First of all, Accord has no battle theme within the game.  She is not a playable character.  Although she technically *does* have a little bit of an action role, she has no such theme that could be categorized as her battle theme within the story of the game.  Now, if they had initially planned for her to have such a role in the game but thusly needed to cut it in the end, that would be entirely a different story, although I’m a bit skeptical on that front.

Secondly, the actual track is another vocal performance by YoRHa (ヨルハ) on their CD entitled “Normandy / Guadalcanal”*, which you can hear in a longer remix version here: https://soundcloud.com/syouyamashita/extend-overdub-rmx

According to YoRHa’s official Web site, there is a specific story background for the singing/talent group. Here is my translation of the very sparse information on their Web site:


西暦11939年 第十四次機械兵器戦争勃発
11,939AD Outbreak of the 14th Machine Armament War

In the distant future when the world is conquered by mechanical live.

As the remaining humans fled to the moon (or artificial satellite), they were unable to deal the decisive blow to the mechanical life which found a way to fortify their propagation.

The humans descended from orbit with a fleet of ships, firing all of their torpedos and bombs, but all attempts to destroy the machines were ineffective.

Although a few friendly forces arrived on the surface of the Earth, they were completely annihilated before the overwhelming enemy forces.

As their ice-cold enemies approached, the entire human race was forced to stand on the precipice of extinction.

Automatic humanoid soldier androids developed to combat the mechanical life forms.

YoRHa No2: Healer (Re-Assessing)
YoRHa No4: Executer (Seriously Injured)
YoRHa No9: Scanner (Deported)

YoRHa No11: Defender (Deployed)
YoRHa No12: Sniper (Deployed)
YoRHa No13: Attacker (Deployed)

2013.6.28 Akihabara Dearstage Reboot MTG #1
2013.3.8 Akihabara Dearstage Strategy MTG #4
2012.12.13 Akihabara Dearstage Strategy MTG #3
2012.9.27 Akihabara Dearstage Strategy MTG #2
2012.7.13 Akihabara Dearstage Strategy MTG #1
2012.5.27 Shibuya WWW First ACT


Now take this new information about this very distant future in which the world is conquered by robotic life forms…humans are nearly completely wiped out…and their only means of survival is to create other androids in which to combat the machines and reclaim the planet…

Is this a completely separate story from the world of DOD & Nier? Perhaps. It seems like YoRHa has been around at least for the past two years or so…but then again, this could also have been around the time when DOD3 was entering development (how long does it take to begin working on a game…?), so it all still could be the concoction of the DOD team.  It’s an interesting thought, but I am also skeptical on this because the group has their own performances in the fashion/indies music front in Akihabara, unattached or unaided by anything related to MONACA or the game series.

Could the overall view or the “Big Picture” of the DOD world actually be from the perspective of the real humans who were nearly exterminated and yet cannot defeat the machines… Their only chance at survival was to send androids into the past to find a way to stop the machines from coming to be in the first place??

Hmm, pretty far out there, but it’s hard not to imagine the possible connections. It’s still very unclear whether there is a firm connection between YoRHa & the story of DOD/Nier.  If the track is a secret data file on the game itself, it could have been placed there as a nice shout-out to the group for participating on the soundtrack.  Kinda sad if that’s all it is…but…

What do you think?

Read more on the Invasion of Normandy/D-Day and the Guadalcanal Campaign here:

  • 郁如兰

    I think this is a *bit* of a stretch, unless Taro is pulling our collective legs again with parallel universe stuff. I certainly don’t think this comes from any potential DoD timeline that leads to the events of Nier. The Shadowlord regardless of the ending in Nier always dies, dooming humanity to extinction (iirc the last replicant dies ~700 years after NieR: Replicant).

    Can the androids and alien fight described here happen in DoD universe? Maybe. Is it in the universe/ timeline that connects to NieR? Doubtful unless we get something like multiple timelines bleeding into eachother Ala DoD3 A-> DoD1 A-> DoD2 C-> DoD1 E-> NieR D-> NieR E-> Potentially “rewinding” time in a sense (I’m not exactly sure what resetting the entire Gestalt/Replicant system entails according to Grimoire NieR since I had to read a translation of the Lost World’s short story) back to some point before the start of Gestalt or Replicant, potentially even to a point prior to DoD3.

    But, there may have been other human weapons like Emil. Based off the American comics and some drama CD stuff, other countries may have put funds into developing human weapons. Therefore, while all Replicants may be dead there may still be “true” humans out there. Unless word of God says otherwise, I’d assume humanity is more or less extinct by the time the aliens come and invade around 4800 or 5001 AD (or something very far into the future).

    Ultimately I’d say that the story described here is unrelated or coming from some point of divergence in the Drakengard “timeline” that doesn’t lead to any current game in the series.

    • Awesome post. Thanks! I agree with you, though. I don’t believe this song is meant to be within the same universe as DOD. I think it was just a mistake since Accord is an android…and the song speaks of machines. It’s a logical connection to make, I guess. 😉

  • Ted

    Wow! Nice finding!

    After reading this, I think that Accord’s song is a lie.

    • Yes, I don’t think there is supposed to be a connection between the back story of the group YoRHa and DOD/Nier. There are just too many complicated factors with that which, to me, rules this out as a possibility.

  • VeeVee

    Hello, my name is Vee. I’m sorry for the trouble I made ><

    • Ah! Vee! Thanks so much for coming here! I couldn’t personally view your blog, so I couldn’t contact you! No worries!! This is all the fun of talking about ideas and such about and related to the game!! Thank you!! <3

      • VeeVee

        My last comment didn’t appear completely D: I’m sorry I don’t know that this song is used by yorha. But this song is really dumped on the core data of the game files,hidden within texture files instead of the audio files http://i.imgur.com/xmyXpCC.jpg
        What I uploaded on my blog is the decryption file of “SKIP_C” part. It’s also my fault uploading that as accord battle, because it’s located near accord’s models and I think it could be good as accord music.
        Once again I’m really sorry about it ><

        • Wow, that’s awesome!! Thanks for that information. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to personally confirm this myself since I have no Blu-ray ROM on my computer–but I believe you, no worries!! 🙂 I’m also starting to wonder if this collaboration with YoRHa could be related to SQEX’s involvement with Collective: http://collective.square-enix.com/

          No need to apologize! I think this track certainly sounds like it belongs on the DOD soundtrack–I just don’t know if MONACA composed this. It sounds like the same style as the other battle music, but I’ll have to wait to find out when I get the album!! 🙂