YoRHa Ver.1.1 Stage Play Foreword and Terminology

It’s come to my realization that I completely forgot to translate a page in the YoRHa Ver.1.1 pamphlet that offers up much more understanding on the setting and definitions of terminology.



For thousands of years, aliens have sent Living Machines to attack the human race. The humans who fled to the Moon developed specialized androids as their sole defence to combat the formidable Living Machines. In order to defeat the ever-evolving Living Machines, the androids also needed to evolve. And so began the 14th Machine War. The new model android squadron “YoRHa” was deployed and began to descend toward Pearl Harbor.

The Destined Encounter

After falling under antiaircraft fire, only No2, No4, No16, and No21 avoid damage and successfully land. Shortly thereafter, the remnants from an older android mission came to the rescue. Without receiving any backup or supplies from the Moon, the “Resistance” and its leader Rose continued the never-ending fight.

A Connecting Purpose

Lily becomes infected by the enemy Logic Virus and goes berserk. There is no coming back from such an infection, and thus must be destroyed. However, with No21’s specialized antivirus abilities, the virus was neutralized. Having saved Lily’s life, the Resistance then decided to accept the YoRHa androids.

The Resistance and YoRHa androids came to an understanding and decided to head toward Mount Ka’ala, the stronghold of the Living Machines. All androids, even the new model YoRHa units, are installed with false memories. However, No2 remembers, her own unique experiences, her own unique memories……

The final battle draws near.



  • 14th Machine War
    This was a large-scale war that involved the “Living Machines” under the control of the aliens and the “Android” counter battalion on the human side. The war lasted six years from 11939 to 11945, both sides suffering the largest losses ever recorded. This was the first war the Experimental Weapons YoRHa were deployed.
  • Pearl Harbor Descent Mission
    This was the first mission involving the new, experimental model YoRHa squadron. The squadron consisted of 16 units that were tasked with the mission to regain control of the base at Pearl Harbor and destroy the enemy server on Mount Kaʻala. However, during the descent from orbit, they fell under attack, losing 12 units. The remaining 4 units were forced to continue on with the mission.
  • Satellite D132
    A high powered laser satellite capable of directly attacking the surface of the planet. Although it has enough power to blow away an entire small island, due to its massive energy consumption and the necessity to replace the lens gun barrel every time it’s fired, it cannot be overused.
  • F15 Equipment
    An aerial flight unit used by the YoRHa squadron. It is capable of multiple transformations that include an atmosphere reentry mode, a high speed mode, and close-range battle mode. Its name was taken from an old weapon (probably a reference to the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle—This is also the type of aircraft that originally shot down the “dragon” in 2003).
  • Antimagnetic Skin
    This was the protective material developed to help shield the androids from the Living Machine’s EMP bomb attacks that caused many units to go insane. It was implemented on all of the YoRHa units for the first time. There is no difference in appearance of the artificial skin, but it is able to withstand an electromagnetic attack.
  • Selective Pressure
    This is part of natural selection and evolution built into all living organisms to help them select beneficial traits and discard undesired traits. As the Living Machines continued to evolve, in order for the androids to combat them, they, too, needed a selection method for new individual abilities.
  • Orbital Base Station “Bunker”
    This is one of the military installations setup in Earth orbit. A circular tube structure wraps around the station to create an area with artificial gravity, while the center area is left with zero gravity where a body repair shop, a storage facility for various weapons, and a catapult facility are located. Serving as the YoRHa squadron’s headquarters, the “Bunker” is where new units are created and equipment experiments are performed.
  • Attackers
    One of the first divisions of the YoRHa squadron. They are fitted with software for close-range battle. *Later discontinued.
  • Gunners
    One of the first divisions of the YoRHa squadron. They are fitted with software for firearms. *Later discontinued.
  • Scanners
    One of the first divisions of the YoRHa squadron. They are fitted with software for reconnaissance.
  • 8th Descent Mission
    Another name for the 8th Machine War. A large-scale resistance with androids begins. The wars leading up to the 10th Machine involved large squadrons that were dropped all at once to engage in a brief decisive battle. The name of the Descent Mission is synonymous with the name of the war. From the 11th Machine War onward, multiple Descent Missions were involved over a longer period of time, so each mission is given its own specific name.
  • Logic Virus
    A virus that infects a machine and destroy it systematically. Once infected, it causes various malfunctions and hindered mobility. There are destructive types that affect the android’s electronic brain by forcibly rewriting the data to destroy it, and trojan types with the purpose of espionage.
  • Synchro-scan
    This software attempts to unify and synchronize various functions of multiple machines. It can be used to control the functions of unmanned drones, and explode multiple bombs at once.
  • Gravity Wave
    One of the attack abilities of the Living Machines. It is primarily used by creating an area of antigravity to halt functionality and to eventually destroy a single enemy force. When this ability was first seen, there was wide panic among the humans on the moon as well as the other androids. Since the Machines obtained the ability to manipulate technology for gravitational control, this made it possible for them to send large-scale squadrons up to the Bunker and even to the face of the Moon. However, over the course of 100 years, there was no sign of the Machines leaving the planet.

Source: Please understand that this is my own translation of the source material printed in the YoRHa Ver.1.1 pamphlet that was sold at the live performance of the stage play.